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Stick Clash Online

An epic war is already underway in Stick Clash Online. Will you be able to conquer the other clans in this medieval action game?

Take control of your fearless warriors as you head into your first battle. You’ll have to use your resources wisely as you plan your attacks in this strategy game. If you defeat your enemies, they’ll join your clan. Can you conquer the boss waiting for you at the end of each challenging level?

How to Play Stick Clash Online?

Stick Clash Online will send you on a quest to conquer enemy warriors in various clans. Make sure you have enough of your own warriors before you launch an attack. For example, you’ll need six or more of them to defeat a group of five enemies and convince them to join your clan.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to order your warriors to launch an attack.

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Who Developed Stick Clash Online?

Stick Clash Online was created by