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Rally Champion

Ready? Set. Go! Take up the challenge and test your skills against mighty opponents to show them that you are racing royalty. This thrilling rally cars game features fifty levels in different terrain types, making it a world rally game to remember!

How to play Rally Champion Advanced

Choose a track and put the pedal to the metal to beat your rivals. Unlock achievements and play minigames to earn coins. You can then purchase new cars in the garage shop.

Use the arrow keys to control the rally racing car.

How to get good racing results in Rally Champion Advanced

Earning and keeping the first spot can be very tricky in an advanced racing game like this. We’ve lined up some tips and tricks that might help you get higher scores in this Rally Championship game.

  • Steering makes you slower. Whenever you can drive in a straight line, this helps you pick up speed and get the upper hand.
  • Bumping up against other racers, whether from behind or from the side, also causes your speed to drop.
  • Driving over the arrows on the track gives you a small speed boost. Use this to your advantage!

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Who created Rally Champion Advanced?

This free racing game was developed by MarketJS.

When was Rally Champion released?

This rally game came out in January of 2023.