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Dressing Up Rush

There's tons of cool stuff to collect in Dressing Up Rush! Grab as much of it as you can in this very fashionable and unique design game.

You've never played a running game quite like this one! This young woman is eager to grab tons of stylish clothes in addition to all the things she’ll need to build the home of her dreams. Guide her down a series of obstacle courses where you’ll be able to find everything from gorgeous skirts to bathtubs.

How to Play Dressing Up Rush?

Dressing Up Rush is a 3D action game where you'll help a young woman collect clothing and household items from a series of obstacle courses. As she reaches each finish line, she’ll have either her outfit or the items she’s collected rated by a judge.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your character through each obstacle course.

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Who Developed Dressing Up Rush?

Dressing Up Rush was created by YAD.