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Crash Car Parkour Simulator

Crash Car Parkour Simulator is a 3D driving simulator game in which you have to keep your car from getting crushed.

How to play Crash Car Parkour Simulator?

Drive along the obstacle courses and keep your car from getting pounded by the crushers or battered by the swinging hammers. There are some obstacles, such as the rotating shredders, you might not always be able to fully avoid. Just try to keep the damage to a minimum.

Your objective is to reach the finish, whatever the damage. But do bear in mind that your car will simply stop working if you take too much of a beating or lose several of your wheels. Changing the camera perspective with the C button can help you observe moving obstacles better. If your car does get damaged beyond repair, tap the Escape button on your keyboard and select Retry.

Game Controls

  • W/A/D = Drive
  • S = Reverse
  • C = Change camera perspective
  • R = Record screen
  • Q/E/Z = Switch indicators on/off
  • P = Pause
  • Esc = Menu

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Who created Crash Car Parkour Simulator?

Crash Car Parkour Simulator was created by Mirra Games.

When was Crash Car Parkour Simulator first released?

This game was first released on February 2, 2024.