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Battle Island 2

Battle Island 2 is a collect and merge game in which you can assemble a team of powerful monsters. Unlock new sections of the island and discover new creatures as you explore and encounter other trainers.

How to play Battle Island 2?

Start your journey as a trainer with a Crabby. You can unlock new monsters and merge identical ones on the merging board shown before each battle. When you merge a monster, you’ll unlock a more powerful species.

Defeating your opponents in a battle will earn you coins. You can use these to buy additional monsters and unlock new sections of the Battle Island.

Wild monsters will disappear after you beat them, but they will respawn after a few seconds. This allows you to grind for a little while to prepare for the more powerful monsters you’ll encounter further on. Trainers similarly need a little bit of time to recover after fights, but you can challenge them again after half a minute.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to play

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Who created Battle Island 2?

Battle Island 2 was created by DevShifu.

When was Battle Island 2 released?

This game was first released in January of 2024.