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Battle Heroes 3

Return to an enchanted kingdom full of magic and plenty of mayhem in Battle Heroes 3. See if you can become a true legend in this action-packed RPG game.

Join forces with a fearless warrior who has been tasked with protecting a small town from all who threaten it. Everyone and everything from hungry wolves to greedy bandits are determined to lay waste to it and pillage its resources.

It's time to show off your leadership skills and flex your virtual muscles! You'll need to hire additional warriors, hunt down powerful enemies, and much more in order to help the town survive and thrive in this thrilling action game that takes place in a world overflowing with fantasy and adventure.

How to Play Battle Heroes 3?

Battle Heroes 3 is an exciting simulation game that takes place in a magical kingdom. You've just been hired to defend a small town. Along with battling its enemies yourself, you’ll have to hire other warriors, craft magical weapons and items, go on the occasional epic quest, and even collect taxes from the villagers!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to fight enemies, search for useful items, and much more.

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Who Developed Battle Heroes 3?

Battle Heroes 3 was created by Winxland.