Uphill Racing Games

  • Tractor Derby
    Tractor Derby
    Played 936 times

    With bumpy terrain, this track calls for racing the stocky, sturdy mother of all vehicles...the tractor!

  • Bike Racing 2
    Bike Racing 2
    Played 25154 times

    Three challenging tracks are waiting for you in this racing game. Hop on your bike and see how much air time you can earn on each one. How quickly will you reach the finish line on all three tracks?

  • Dirt Course
    Dirt Course
    Played 4017 times

    Time to put this SUV through it's paces...any takers?

  • Extreme Racer: Dirt Track Racing Game
    Extreme Racer: Dirt Track Racing Game
    Played 2477 times

    Take a spin in one of these old-school race cars. Pick out some cool colors and decals before you hit the highway or blast down a track in the mountains. Will you be the first driver to cross the finish line in this racing game?

  • Uphill Rush 3
    Uphill Rush 3
    Played 25344 times

    Raise the racing bar as you ride through an urban jungle!

  • Animal Dash: Running Game
    Animal Dash: Running Game
    Played 1929 times

    Run, cow, run!

  • Endless Truck: 3D Racing Game
    Endless Truck: 3D Racing Game
    Played 60270 times

    How far will you make it down the endless race track in this cool truck game? Collect fuel and money along the way to buy upgrades that will help you stay on the road for even longer.

  • Uphill Rush
    Uphill Rush
    Played 139450 times

    Bike, truck, quad, or skateboard… Race over hills and obstacles, but be careful not to fall!

  • Motor Beast
    Motor Beast
    Played 8294 times

    In the mood for a roarin’ rampage? Then jump behind the wheel of this monster truck!

  • Mountain Monster
    Mountain Monster
    Played 2328 times

    King of the Mountain? That’s an honor you’ll have to earn…

  • Construction Yard Bike: Motorcycle Game
    Construction Yard Bike: Motorcycle Game
    Played 1299 times

    The turmoil of construction is the perfect playground for stunt-bike action!

  • Icycle: On Thin Ice - Bike Game
    Icycle: On Thin Ice - Bike Game
    Played 8900 times

    Naked guy, put your pedal to the icicle before you freeze your *&@# off.

  • Uphill Rush 2
    Uphill Rush 2
    Played 36878 times

    In your own customized vehicle, can you score all the stuntacular titles?

  • Big Truck Adventures 3
    Big Truck Adventures 3
    Played 748 times

    It’s not really off-road driving until your truck is 50 feet above the ground…

  • Beach Bike: Motorcycle Game
    Beach Bike: Motorcycle Game
    Played 1261 times

    Fat tires, lots of vert, and plenty of horsepower: this uphill racing game is coast-to-coast coolness.

  • Absotruckinlutely!: Monster Truck Game
    Absotruckinlutely!: Monster Truck Game
    Played 1150 times

    Finally! A monster-truck game so weird, even your little sister will like it.

  • Lethal Race
    Lethal Race
    Played 1517 times

    No other race in the world has ever been this lethal and crazy! Drive against insane drivers, but make sure to upgrade your car with the collected coins!

  • Moto Madness
    Moto Madness
    Played 1254 times

    North, south, east, or west...when it comes to racing you're the best!

  • Mini Race Madness
    Mini Race Madness
    Played 2265 times

    Get ready for a huge series of races that are....well, actually kinda small. Modify your remote controlled racer with a powerful engine, super tough armor and nitro boosters. If you want to blaze past the competition, you’re also gonna need some new tires too. Will you make it to the finish line first?

  • Riders Feat: Bike Game
    Riders Feat: Bike Game
    Played 9697 times

    Can you handle this super intense rack track? It’s lined with everything from ramps to barrels filled with toxic waste! Hop on your bike and get ready for a super crazy ride in this racing game.

  • Motocross Challenge
    Motocross Challenge
    Played 2136 times

    Can you rise to the challenge and take home the trophy? Only one way to find out…

  • Crazy Orcs Racing
    Crazy Orcs Racing
    Played 1115 times

    You're an orc who digs damage--as long as it's not your own.

  • Rave Rider
    Rave Rider
    Played 1347 times

    Bounce and cruise and ride the rave to the finish line!

  • The Last Trial 2
    The Last Trial 2
    Played 1772 times
  • Dead Paradise: Car Shooting Game
    Dead Paradise: Car Shooting Game
    Played 2110 times

    They used to call this place “paradise.” That was before the bombs fell. Now it’s nothing but mayhem...

  • Offroad Truckers
    Offroad Truckers
    Played 1277 times

    Who’ll win the monster race? Jump in your 4x4 and find out!

  • Ultimate Racing 2017: 3D Drift Game
    Ultimate Racing 2017: 3D Drift Game
    Played 1662 times

    You can hog the turns and dominate some crazy mountain highways in this 3D racing game. Choose your vehicle and head to the starting line.

  • Hell Riders: Dirt Bike Game
    Hell Riders: Dirt Bike Game
    Played 2615 times

    The road to hell is a bumpy ride!

  • Super Bike X: Motorbike Game
    Super Bike X: Motorbike Game
    Played 1587 times

    Try to drive over all of the obstacles without falling off of your bike in this realistic environment.

  • Bike Racing 3
    Bike Racing 3
    Played 21466 times

    It’s time to race again. Choose a bike that can handle the twists and turns of each one of these challenging courses in this intense racing game. Will you make it all the way to the end of them or will you wind up falling on your head?

  • Hill Blazer
    Hill Blazer
    Played 2304 times

    Push the boundaries and feel that rush of adrenaline...

  • Waterfall Rush
    Waterfall Rush
    Played 2848 times

    Tackle this upstream kayak battle one trick at a time!

  • Taxi Truck
    Taxi Truck
    Played 1574 times

    Pick a destination, any destination: this taxi truck's ready to take you anywhere!

  • Moto X Dare Devil
    Moto X Dare Devil
    Played 2384 times

    Grab a helmet and get ready to blaze a trail through the streets of this crazy town.

  • Motorun: Motorcycle Racing Game
    Motorun: Motorcycle Racing Game
    Played 8154 times

    The road to victory never runs smooth. Have you got the mad skillz to succeed?

  • Dirt Bike 4
    Dirt Bike 4
    Played 958 times

    The toughest dirt biker can take on any obstacle. Are you game?