Physics Games

  • Blosics
    Played 857 times

    Wooden blocks meet the world of physics in this challenging game. How quickly can you tear down these towers?

  • Arranje That
    Arranje That
    Played 784 times

    Got a mental block? You’d better get over it quick, because theses puzzles aren’t going to solve themselves!

  • Spiderman 3: Spider Launch
    Spiderman 3: Spider Launch
    Played 3560 times

    How far can you launch Spidey over the roofs of lower Manhattan? Will using his traditional suit or the Symbiote one make a big difference? Find out in this fun action game.

  • Paper Pirates
    Paper Pirates
    Played 596 times

    Pirates hate getting wet—especially when there’s a hungry shark on the prowl!

  • Prehistoric Pizza Rampage
    Prehistoric Pizza Rampage
    Played 3013 times

    An epic battle for pizza is about to begin...and the T-Rex is starving!

  • 3 Pandas 2: Night
    3 Pandas 2: Night
    Played 11227 times

    How could three cute little pandas get into so much trouble? You’ve gotta do something!

  • Demologic 2
    Demologic 2
    Played 3251 times

    Take control of this wicked wrecking ball and see how many blocks you can take down.

  • Riggs Digger
    Riggs Digger
    Played 3996 times

    Why build when you can break? Time to manipulate the physics of destruction!

  • Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage
    Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage
    Played 1089 times

    Well, a bunch of pirates just showed up. Think you can stop them from raiding the island?

  • People on My Lawn 3
    People on My Lawn 3
    Played 870 times

    Some irritating Earthlings are trying to “explore” our planet. Let’s put an end to their plans...

  • Disaster Will Strike 4
    Disaster Will Strike 4
    Played 6998 times

    All of these monstrous eggs are really getting annoying. Could you smash them to bits?

  • Soldier Diary
    Soldier Diary
    Played 1087 times

    This shadowy prisoner of war is making a break for it. Help him escape back to home base.

  • Crane
    Played 3802 times

    Wind your way to the top of the construction site!

  • Destroy More Cars
    Destroy More Cars
    Played 3989 times

    Have a need for speed?

  • Bouncing Dot
    Bouncing Dot
    Played 4609 times

    Can you keep this colorful dot afloat without it hitting the ground?

  • Bridge Builder
    Bridge Builder
    Played 3615 times

    Help build bridges in this family fun game for all ages on the browser, Bridge Builder! Build the best bridges you can while earning the highest score!

  • Collateral Damages
    Collateral Damages
    Played 1968 times

    Pilot a giant combat robot and destroy everything you encounter in your path.

  • Build It: Wooden Bridge
    Build It: Wooden Bridge
    Played 1674 times

    Design a bridge made out of barrels and wooden planks for this motorist. He’s trying to get over each one of these rivers and waterways in this free online game.

  • Alarmy: Desert
    Alarmy: Desert
    Played 672 times

    These are alarming times... specially in the desert! Take your tools and start fixing these puzzles I bet you will be able to make it!

  • Mixed World Weekend
    Mixed World Weekend
    Played 901 times

    Welcome to Mixed World Weekend, the cheerful platform puzzle game! Help a bunch of cute creatures to chase off all the grumpy red monsters. Use your funny friends’ special skills to strategically nudge the monsters from their platforms!

  • Red Remover Blast
    Red Remover Blast
    Played 2870 times

    What’s the best way to get rid of all of these gloomy shapes? Explosions, of course!

  • Cut The Rope 2
    Cut The Rope 2
    Played 62508 times

    SWEET! Om Nom's shenanigans continue in Cut the Rope 2! With new characters, fresh gameplay elements and tricky missions, candy collecting has never been so fun! In his unexpected adventure, Om Nom breaks out of his box and travels through lush forests, busy cities, junkyards and underground tunnels, all in pursuit of one goal – CANDY! Along the way, he encounters the Nommies, the cutest candy collecting helpers a little green monster could wish for!

  • Sneaky Dex
    Sneaky Dex
    Played 3809 times
  • Crash The Robot!: Explosive Edition
    Crash The Robot!: Explosive Edition
    Played 2632 times

    Bye bye, bot.

  • Bridge Tactics
    Bridge Tactics
    Played 7017 times

    Cut them off at the bridge!

  • Gravity Duck 2
    Gravity Duck 2
    Played 821 times

    This duck is in search of some golden eggs. Where could they all be hidden?

  • Slow & Blow Pirates
    Slow & Blow Pirates
    Played 650 times

    Show these pirates your pyrotechnic prowess—BOOM!

  • Destroy the Village
    Destroy the Village
    Played 2928 times

    It may take a village to raise a child, but to destroy a village, it takes rockets.

  • Laser Cannon 3: Levels Pack
    Laser Cannon 3: Levels Pack
    Played 4241 times

    Take control of this super-powered laser to squish as many of these icky aliens as you can.

  • Candy Land
    Candy Land
    Played 3147 times

    These monsters are really thirsty. Help them fill their cups with some yummy lemonade.

  • Black Force
    Black Force
    Played 857 times

    Reap some junkyard wreckage tonight!

  • Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
    Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
    Played 11843 times

    Get down to the OR, Doc! This young patient is experiencing chest pains and he needs your help...

  • Cute Cookie Cut
    Cute Cookie Cut
    Played 1536 times

    Get ready to slice and dice all of these totally delicious cookies. You'll need to cut them into equal portions though and that's tougher than it might seem at first. Can you chop each treat so there's enough for four or more people? Put your culinary skills to the ultimate test in this challenging cooking game.

  • The Stuntman
    The Stuntman
    Played 4189 times

    Hit this guy as hard as you can!

  • Truck Loader 2
    Truck Loader 2
    Played 3508 times

    Forklifts are easy to operate...right?

  • Cat Around Europe 2
    Cat Around Europe 2
    Played 800 times

    This kitty is off to explore Europe’s most famous cities while on a mad dash for pizza.

    • Truck Loader 3
      Truck Loader 3
      Played 5991 times

      Wreak some magnetic mayhem at the controls of a diabolical digger!

    • Collapse It
      Collapse It
      Played 1496 times

      Blow these buildings to bits.

    • Sugar, Sugar, 3
      Sugar, Sugar, 3
      Played 2051 times
    • Stealth Bound Level Pack
      Stealth Bound Level Pack
      Played 1528 times

      You’ll need every trick in the book in order to break out of this hi-tech prison.

    • Resurgent Vampire
      Resurgent Vampire
      Played 1432 times

      This vile vampire needs blood in order to escape from his coffin, and only you can help him! Drain these poor ladies of their vital blood for your undead master!

    • Swindler
      Played 696 times

      To slime or not to slime, that is the question.

    • City Blocks
      City Blocks
      Played 3476 times

      Take control of the construction crane and see if you can build an apartment building without it crumbling.

    • Snail Bob
      Snail Bob
      Played 240254 times

      Help this slimy but spirited snail make the journey to his sparkling new abode!

    • Mini Train
      Mini Train
      Played 7816 times

      The laws of physics apply to every train, no matter the size...

    • Tower Tactics
      Tower Tactics
      Played 1910 times

      Turn these concrete pillars into toppling towers of terror!

    • You Have No Legs
      You Have No Legs
      Played 541 times

      You seem to have misplaced your limbs. That’s going to make getting out of this cave a little tricky.

    • Demoman
      Played 2714 times

      Demolish all of the office buildings with your demolition ball!