Mystery Games

  • The Appartment
    The Appartment
    Played 5275 times

    Examine the items and try to solve the mystery.

  • Papa's Pancakeria
    Papa's Pancakeria
    Played 21398 times

    The pancake business is flippin' tough!

  • Totem
    Played 24473 times

    Everyone of us, deep inside, is eager for adventures. So do our young friends-archaeologists Martin and Jane! Accompanied by professor, they went to the excavation site to investigate mysteries of formerly unknown civilization. As soon as they started their exploration, our young friends found a strong artifact. While studying it, they activated the artifact and were transported to ancient times. When the dust faded, they saw a settlement that had been located here for a long time. Unfortunately, they discovered that professor disappeared. And our friends decided to go to the village and ask for help. There they have met tribal chief - Zikimo! Help our heroes find professor and their way back home. Discover new, even more powerful artifacts and use them for good!

  • Wonderland
    Played 7026 times

    What mysteries await you in these forbidden places? Are you brave enough to unlock their secrets?

  • The Gatekeeper
    The Gatekeeper
    Played 936 times

    Are you ready for a fun adventure? Join our hero on this awesome quest trough these mysterious dungeons where he is looking to meet the gatekeeper!

  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4
    Five Nights at Freddy's 4
    Played 21646 times

    Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie and all of their deadly robotic friends are up to their old tricks again. How long will you last against them as they continue their rampage in this scary action game?

  • WordSpector
    Played 5455 times

    Every word you create becomes a clue that gets you one step closer to the mystery word!

  • Annabelle Mysteries
    Annabelle Mysteries
    Played 4929 times

    Find your way out of the house in this terrifying point and click escape game!

  • Mahjong Cook
    Mahjong Cook
    Played 1907 times

    Instead of having Chinese symbols you have to match the kitchen-related tools and images to win. Play Mahjong Cook now with chef-like style!

  • Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans
    Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans
    Played 2616 times

    Who am I? Where am I?

  • Underwater Secrets
    Underwater Secrets
    Played 1404 times

    What mysteries are hidden beneath the seas? Match up these colorful characters to find out.

  • Burger Restaurant 3
    Burger Restaurant 3
    Played 10866 times

    Quirkier customers, ethnic dishes--burger restaurant is going on a world tour!

  • Castle
    Played 5410 times

    Are you ready for a new adventure? Meet Richard Castle, the famous novelist, and his partner, detective Kate Beckett, and help them solve mysteries in the city where crime never sleeps. You will need to investigate several crime scenes, where you'll have to search for evidence as you move closer and closer to solutions. After collecting evidence, you will be asked to analyze it back at the police station, a place that also acts as your base, which you can improve and decorate to your liking.

  • Synapsis
    Played 1629 times

    Find the hidden rooms and objects and try to solve this mysterious puzzle!

  • The New Homeowners
    The New Homeowners
    Played 933 times

    Susan and Thomas just bought their first house but it’s a real fixer-upper. Could you help them clear out all of the stuff the prior residents left behind in this point-and-click game?

  • Penguin Diner 2
    Penguin Diner 2
    Played 22094 times

    Penguins ordering cakes and cokes? What is the world coming to?

  • Folds
    Played 1259 times

    Do you have the special skills to master this mysterious ancient art form?

  • Burger Restaurant Express
    Burger Restaurant Express
    Played 39280 times

    Things can get a little crazy at this burger joint, especially during lunch hour!

  • The Scruffs
    The Scruffs
    Played 1602 times

    It’s a mess of a house, but the Scruffs don’t want to lose it. Solve Grandpa’s mystery to save them!

  • Valentine Pizza: Sara's Cooking Class
    Valentine Pizza: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 2418 times

    Valentine’s Day + romance = yummy heart-shaped pizza!

  • Evil Asylum
    Evil Asylum
    Played 4141 times

    Find the clues to solve the mystery in this absolutely dark and terrifying object finding game, Evil Asylum. What sort of evil is in here, waiting for you to find?

  • Cake Mania 2
    Cake Mania 2
    Played 7584 times

    Jill thought life in the bakery was boring until two of her friends asked her to save their businesses! Who will she help?

  • Enola Prelude
    Enola Prelude
    Played 1684 times

    The citizens of Dorn live in peace. But what mysteries and adventures await outside its city walls?

  • Devilish Cooking
    Devilish Cooking
    Played 6799 times

    Are you a sweet angel, or a spicy devil?

  • In the Heart of the Jungle
    In the Heart of the Jungle
    Played 1406 times

    The lost city of Chantite was known for their knowledge of black magic and adventure seekers were too afraid to find teh lost city! Can you solve the mystery in the heart of the wild jungle in this fun and exotic hidden object game?

  • The Search For Dahu
    The Search For Dahu
    Played 808 times

    Oh no! Crystal is doing a critical new report but she got stuck in the alps! Help her find the items needed to not only get her that awesome cover story but to also get out safely in The Search For Dahu!

  • Murder
    Played 9717 times

    Somebody should really take out that mean ol’ king. Can you get the job done?

  • Mysteries of Fraxos
    Mysteries of Fraxos
    Played 1169 times

    A long-lost tablet has been hidden somewhere on this mysterious island and this adventurer is determined to find it. Join him on his quest in this exciting point-and-click game.

  • Lasagna: Sara's Cooking Class
    Lasagna: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 3329 times

    What’s that delightful smell coming from the kitchen? It’s lasagna, Sara’s latest and greatest dish.

  • Papa's Pizzeria
    Papa's Pizzeria
    Played 12553 times

    Grab a "pizza" the action in Papa’s new management challenge.

  • Stranded deep
    Stranded deep
    Played 6529 times

    Kaku and Milo, a young couple, just crash landed on a mysterious tropical island. Kaku is injured so now it’s up to Milo to find a way to treat her injuries. He could really use your help tracking down some first aid kits in this adventure game. Lead him through the jungle and keep him safe while he finds the supplies they’ll need until they’re rescued.

  • Papa's Taco Mia
    Papa's Taco Mia
    Played 13311 times

    Take a bite of this tasty, tempting, Mexican treat!

  • Sherlock Holmes - Part 1
    Sherlock Holmes - Part 1
    Played 1946 times

    What happened to Dr. Carstairs when he was examining the mummy of Anan-thotep?

  • The Car
    The Car
    Played 1069 times

    Try to solve the mystery of the lost key from the red car!

  • Mysterious Jewels
    Mysterious Jewels
    Played 3140 times
  • Strawberry Parfait: Sara's Cooking Class
    Strawberry Parfait: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 2926 times

    Sara’s about to try out a berry yummy new recipe. Won’t you join her?

    • Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Wedding
      Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Wedding
      Played 4454 times

      Only the very best baking will do for the bride!

    • Papa's Burgeria
      Papa's Burgeria
      Played 12299 times

      Make every customer a burger-addicted regular!

    • Frozen Spell
      Frozen Spell
      Played 2156 times

      Alice needs your help to find all the clues to solve the mystery in this beautiful 2D graphic, point and click hidden object game, Frozen Spell. Can you stop the curse?

    • Berry Cheesecake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Berry Cheesecake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 2598 times

      Sara's strawberry cheesecake with a golden graham-cracker crust is a real winner!

    • Alice is Dead 1
      Alice is Dead 1
      Played 2069 times

      Alice has found herself in a wonderland filled with strange creatures. Will she get back home alive?

    • Apartment 13
      Apartment 13
      Played 1300 times

      One victim and three suspects: for a forensic detective, eeny meeny miny moe just doesn’t cut it…

    • Pancakes: Sara's Cooking Class
      Pancakes: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 2946 times

      Breakfast, lunch, or dinner: these delicious pancakes are perfect for any time of day!

    • The Secret Countess
      The Secret Countess
      Played 1185 times

      Countess Olivia moved to Venzor to change her lonely life after the death of her husband, but she must keep this a secret. Collect all the hidden items, clues and solve the puzzles in this mysterious adventure!

    • Spaghetti: Sara's Cooking Class
      Spaghetti: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 2233 times

      Serve up a savory plate of pasta, piled high with Sara's secret bolognese sauce...

    • Potato Salad: Sara's Cooking Class
      Potato Salad: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 784 times

      Tangy, fresh, and satisfying—perfect for your next BBQ!

    • Christmas Pudding: Sara's Cooking Class
      Christmas Pudding: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 2876 times

      Pudding, dessert, whatever you want to call it—this festive treat is delish.

    • Carrot Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Carrot Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 1540 times

      Can't go wrong with this culinary classic!

Magnify Your Inner Sherlock

It was 4 am and the clock was ticking loudly, when a crash came from the kitchen… What comes next? That is the power of mystery. While mystery stories as we know them now didn’t really make it into the literary lexicon until the mid-19th century with American macabre master Edgar Allan Poe, the style of creating tension has had us shivering around campfires for ages. A little bit of safe tension goes a long way. If you want to pull back the curtains to see what is behind them, mystery games are the path to find your inner sleuth.

Slink after the clues in an absolutely dark and terrifying object-finding game with Evil Asylum. What sort of perils await? A classsic whodunit is the pinnacle of murder-mystery games. Turn the key and walk into Apartment 13 to see which of the three suspects left a lifeless victim. Try your hand at a CSI-style forensic investigation and try not to let any of the evidence go undiscovered. And what goes bump in the night? Battle with the dark creatures of the mysterious forest and defend your treasure chest with Goblin Treasure Hunt.

Some of the most popular thriller series haven’t been concocted for adults, but for children, like Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and Encyclopedia Brown. Mystery games for kids are a stimulating pastime for readers of all ages. Click the Bolt is an outerspace odessy where kids need to help a lost little alien get home by piecing together an exciting puzzle game.

What if the dark corners of the unknown are in the kitchen instead? Well, it may not be tummy turning (hopefully), but you will need to figure out how to piece it all together with Lasagna: Sara's Cooking Class and Penguin Dinner.

So shake, riddle, and roll with these online mystery games that will certainly not rune your day!