Food Games

  • Pudding Land 2
    Pudding Land 2
    Played 19758 times

    Return to a magical world filled with lovable pudding monsters. Can you match all of them up in this puzzle game? You can collect boosters while you complete each level and explore their enchanted kingdom.

  • Dream Farm Link
    Dream Farm Link
    Played 13350 times

    We insist that you play with your food.

  • Santa Fartypants
    Santa Fartypants
    Played 1305 times

    Help Santa deliver the presents through the chimneys by using his fart powered pants. Look for gaseous food types!

  • Penguin Diner
    Penguin Diner
    Played 20854 times

    Seat your customers, take their orders, serve the food and collect money.

  • Cookie Connect Extra
    Cookie Connect Extra
    Played 6814 times

    Match and connect three cookies or more to gain points and rewards in this fun-filled, cookie-licious game! Advance through more than 100 levels of cookie-world madness!

  • Food Stack
    Food Stack
    Played 960 times

    You’re probably heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa but how about the Leaning Tower of Burger? Try building the tallest stack of meat and cheese that you can in this totally tasty puzzle game.

  • HK Cafe
    HK Cafe
    Played 2790 times

    Cook the food as people order as quick as possible.

  • Cake Shop 2
    Cake Shop 2
    Played 3995 times

    Get back to the bakery as soon as you can! These customers don’t have all day...

  • Delicious Emily's Cook and Go
    Delicious Emily's Cook and Go
    Played 9831 times

    Join Emily while she goes on a culinary adventure. Can you and her keep up with all of the customers that are coming to her food cart? Things are very busy in this simulation game.

  • Wormate io
    Wormate io
    Played 22732 times

    The worms in this totally weird io game are incredibly hungry. Take control of one of them and stuff him full of lots of yummy food like doughnuts and candy! Can you make your worm bigger and stronger than all of his fellow worms? He’ll need to grow up fast in order to survive while you compete against other players from all over the world.

  • Big Burger Server
    Big Burger Server
    Played 983 times

    Use your cool food machine to dish up burger after yummy burger!

  • Funny Food Face
    Funny Food Face
    Played 801 times

    Click on a piece of food, drag it onto the plate, and create a funny face!

  • Snake Classic
    Snake Classic
    Played 3836 times

    Collect all the food and don't let the snake touch the walls or its own tail!

  • Candy Rain 4
    Candy Rain 4
    Played 14382 times

    This girl definitely loves candy. Join her while she connects all of the tasty treats in this match 3 puzzle game. Can you reach the goal in each level without using too many moves?

  • Fast Food Delivery
    Fast Food Delivery
    Played 834 times

    Fast food is bad for your blood pressure— not the calories, but the pushy customers!

  • Super Snake
    Super Snake
    Played 1081 times

    Collect all the food and don't let the snake touch the walls or its own tail!

  • Fruit Rush
    Fruit Rush
    Played 708 times

    Catch the rush! Arrange all of these yummy pieces of fruit in the correct order while you keep an eye on the clock. Can you match them all up before time runs out in this puzzle game?

  • Cookbook Puzzler
    Cookbook Puzzler
    Played 4351 times

    Go on an adventure through a world of culinary delights. Take a look at each one of these international recipes and see if you can figure out what dish they make in this word puzzle game.

  • Sushi Backgammon
    Sushi Backgammon
    Played 820 times

    You’ve never played a game of backgammon quite like this one! Take a seat inside this cozy sushi bar and find out if you can beat your opponent.

  • Feed the Dragon
    Feed the Dragon
    Played 90 times

    This dragon is very hungry. If you don’t keep him well fed, you might wind up dead. So grab the pillow and help all of this yummy fruit bounce into his mouth in this crazy action game.

  • Frosty Donuts
    Frosty Donuts
    Played 473 times

    Step inside this wonderful bakery and see if you can arrange all of these frosted donuts in the correct order. Can you get them squared away before time runs out in this puzzle game?

  • Gogo Diet
    Gogo Diet
    Played 43 times

    Tap the left and right arrows to run and avoid food not to put on weight.

  • Jumping Troll
    Jumping Troll
    Played 72 times

    Control the mushroom to bounce the Troll and collect all the food!

  • Pasta Heroes
    Pasta Heroes
    Played 33 times

    An army of pesky rodents is determined to take over this chef’s cafe. Help him fight back with an arsenal of cool weapons in this crazy action game.

  • Lily Slacking: Restaurant
    Lily Slacking: Restaurant
    Played 50 times

    Lily just got a job as a hostess in this cafe. It’s kinda boring. Help her goof off without her boss finding out in this slacking game. You can help her do her makeup, drink a yummy mocktail and hide out in the bathroom for a while.

  • Fish Food
    Fish Food
    Played 323 times

    Collect the fish food and avoid the sharks to keep your fish alive.

  • Food Stack
    Food Stack
    Played 58 times

    Stack and balance falling foods to collect as many items on your tray as possible.

  • Headfolk Boom!
    Headfolk Boom!
    Played 17 times

    From followers to food in one to two booms!

  • The Candy Trap
    The Candy Trap
    Played 28 times

    The siblings were foraging for food when they fell into the witch's trap...

  • Turkey Cooking Simulator
    Turkey Cooking Simulator
    Played 400 times

    Preparing a turkey is hard work! Can you help this guy make his first Thanksgiving dinner in this funny simulation game? He’ll need to go to the grocery store and purchase food and supplies. He’ll also have to avoid getting distracted by his pesky relatives once he starts cooking in the kitchen.

  • Snack Dash
    Snack Dash
    Played 47 times

    Guide eBee dBee through the school in the shortest possible time and collect healthy food!

  • Bacon Sandwich Twin
    Bacon Sandwich Twin
    Played 32 times

    Take fast food to the max in the addicting pork-frying game that'll turn you into a master clicker!

  • Candy Ride 4
    Candy Ride 4
    Played 52 times

    This kid has a huge sweet tooth! Help him gobble up as much yummy candy as he can in this action-packed puzzle game.

  • Beach Bar Rush
    Beach Bar Rush
    Played 496 times

    Things are quiet at this beach-side lounge….for now. Can you take care of all of the thirsty customers that are about to arrive? You’ll need to take their orders, grab their drinks from the bar and more in this simulation game.

  • Dino Babies
    Dino Babies
    Played 325 times

    Wait for your baby to hatch, give it food and milk and lull it to sleep.

  • Shop till You Drop
    Shop till You Drop
    Played 298 times

    Study your list carefully and catch the correct food items in your cart!

    • Worm Heroes
      Worm Heroes
      Played 2 times

      Collect food to satisfy the wormy cravings of the hungry piranhas before YOU'RE what's for dinner.

    • GoGo Puzzle Pets
      GoGo Puzzle Pets
      Played 280 times

      Match 2 tiles of the same picture to gain food or bonuses.

    • Share the Food
      Share the Food
      Played 50 times

      Share the food so that there is the same number of items on both trays.

    • Salad Dodger
      Salad Dodger
      Played 30 times

      Collect junk food while avoiding the salad.

    • Busy Burger
      Busy Burger
      Played 90 times

      Memorize the orders, operate the machines by clicking on the right buttons and prepare food before your customer passes the paperbag.

    • Collect More Candy
      Collect More Candy
      Played 473 times

      Satisfy your sweet tooth with luscious candy imagery, but keep your eyes sharp because not all candy is created equal! You're going to need fast fingers and a sharp eye to sort through these candyfalls.

    • Pizza Party
      Pizza Party
      Played 30 times

      This pizzeria is one of the most popular in town, which means it’s really busy. Can you keep up with all of the customers? Take their orders and make sure that their pizzas are prepared just right in this management game.

    • Viking Pub
      Viking Pub
      Played 208 times

      These Vikings just got back home from a long voyage. They’re incredibly hungry and thirsty. Help this cook serve them as much refreshing mead and tasty beef as they can handle in this online game.