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TicToc Catwalk Fashion

TicToc Catwalk Fashion is a dressing up game in which you can help a model get ready for a fashion show. Choose five great outfits for the catwalk.

How to play TicToc Catwalk Fashion?

In this fashion game, you’re working as a stylist for a social media fashion influencer. She needs to find five looks for the catwalk that her followers will love. She’s got some items in mind. Can you remember what they are and find them in the clothing and make-up collection?

First, help your model pick some ice cream flavors and retrieve a couple of lost photo fragments. Next, you can assemble five fashion reels. These consist of a make-up round and a clothing round. Remember the three items shown at the start of the round and try to use them for that reel.

Now complete the look with other items from the make-up, clothing and accessories menu, using your shopping budget to get the items you want. If your model’s followers love the look, you’ll receive more money to spend on the next reel.

Game Controls

Use the MOUSE to select the make-up, clothing, and accessories.

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Who created TicToc Catwalk Fashion?

TicToc Catwalk Fashion was created by iclickgames.