Flash Games

  • Labrador Puppy Day Care
    Labrador Puppy Day Care
    Played 5532 times

    This poor puppy has had a really bad day. She’s all banged up. Let’s get her to the veterinarian clinic and treat her injuries in this medical game. Afterwards, she’ll probably need a bath too.

  • Orion Sandbox
    Orion Sandbox
    Played 19916 times

    This brave explorer is investigating a whole new land. Can you help him learn more about the place and maybe even tame it a little in this challenging adventure game?

  • Strikers 1945 Flash: Airplane Shooting Game
    Strikers 1945 Flash: Airplane Shooting Game
    Played 5470 times

    Steer your plane, collect power-ups, and shoot all your enemies!

  • Black Jack Flash
    Black Jack Flash
    Played 7002 times

    Place your bet and play against the dealer. Careful not to exceed 21 points!

  • Rumblah: Flash Fighting Engine
    Rumblah: Flash Fighting Engine
    Played 7203 times

    It's Betaman versus Betaman in this action-packed fighting game.

  • Flash Element Tower Defense 2
    Flash Element Tower Defense 2
    Played 3125 times

    No way these creepy critters'll be able to creep past your anti-creep towers!

  • Flash Element
    Flash Element
    Played 1420 times

    Kill all the animals by building attacking towers before they reach the end of the maze.

  • Flash Empires
    Flash Empires
    Played 2609 times

    Protect your castle from the invading forces.

  • Dance Dunk-off
    Dance Dunk-off
    Played 140 times

    Match your moves to the flashing icons when they turn green.

  • Pang Flash
    Pang Flash
    Played 839 times

    Destroy the balls by shooting them, but don't let them hit you or they can kill you!

  • Flash Cleaner
    Flash Cleaner
    Played 26 times

    Help Leon the Flash Cleaner get rid of all troublesome intruders inside your computer.

  • 2009 Flash Olympics
    2009 Flash Olympics
    Played 162 times

    Test your dexterity and your wits in one of 8 mini games.

  • Flash Maple Story
    Flash Maple Story
    Played 903 times

    Use your sword to kill all the snails, snakes and other creatures!

  • Miestas
    Played 22 times

    Explore various objects and scenarios in this awesome Miestas adventure flash game!

  • Flash Empires 2
    Flash Empires 2
    Played 22 times

    Guide the red ball through the stages, avoiding traps and dangers.

  • Flash Sprint
    Flash Sprint
    Played 24 times

    Can you set the fastest lap time ever?

  • Lights Out
    Lights Out
    Played 140 times

    Move your flashlight around the scene and find all the featured objects!

  • Samba de Mausland
    Samba de Mausland
    Played 63 times

    Score points by clicking the flashing shakers and fruit!