Bike Games

  • Dirt Bike Racing
    Dirt Bike Racing
    Played 384 times

    The racing season is just around the corner. You'd better start practicing!

  • Mo'Bike!
    Played 206 times

    Choose your speed and jump over the obstacles to score points.

  • Bike Master
    Bike Master
    Played 320 times

    Another one bites the dust!

  • Moto Jump
    Moto Jump
    Played 380 times

    Can you pull off the ultimate motorcycle distance jump?

  • Sportsbike Challenge
    Sportsbike Challenge
    Played 172 times
  • Manic Rider
    Manic Rider
    Played 371 times

    Ride to the top of this killer bike challenge, or take a face full of dirt trying.

  • Stickman Freestyle BMX
    Stickman Freestyle BMX
    Played 314 times

    Stickman’s gone freestyle on his old-school BMX! He can do some pretty sweet tricks…

  • Mountain ATV
    Mountain ATV
    Played 153 times

    Rev up for a stunt-astic ride!

  • Bicycle Run
    Bicycle Run
    Played 88 times

    Cyclists are crazy—but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

  • Bike Racer
    Bike Racer
    Played 256 times

    Select a track, choose your bike, and try to win the race!

  • Bike Summer Outfit
    Bike Summer Outfit
    Played 18 times

    Rapunzel wants to ride her bike for the first time in months but it could use some sprucing up. Could you help her decorate it and choose a great cycling outfit in this free online game?

  • Bike Tyke
    Bike Tyke
    Played 132 times

    The paperboy has an easy job...except for potholes, obstacles in the street, pedestrians, and cops.

  • Crazycle
    Played 15 times

    Drive the bicycles and the bikes on this crazy racing game where madness never ends!

  • Forest Ride
    Forest Ride
    Played 211 times

    A relaxing ride through the woods? Not for this guy! Tag along with him as he jumps on his motorcycle and goes off-roading in this racing game.

  • Princesses Bike Trip
    Princesses Bike Trip
    Played 20 times

    Belle and Rapunzel are getting ready for a bicycle ride but they have no clue what to wear. Could you help each princess find an outfit and decorate their bike in this dress up game?

  • Stickman Dirtbike
    Stickman Dirtbike
    Played 217 times

    It’s a dirty job from start to finish….can you stick to it??

  • Stunt Bike Draw
    Stunt Bike Draw
    Played 233 times

    Draw the track for the stuntman to race on.

  • BM-REX
    Played 150 times

    Get set for the T-Rex effect: these BMX trix are all leg power!

  • Two Wheeled Trauma 2
    Two Wheeled Trauma 2
    Played 116 times

    Maneuver your bike through the traffic without hitting any obstacles.

  • Beach Rider
    Beach Rider
    Played 195 times

    This blond biker babe knows how to ride, and she's got a whole lotta coast to cover...

  • Max Dirt Bike 3
    Max Dirt Bike 3
    Played 139 times

    Get top speed in this all out thrilling and exciting sports game, Max Dirt Bike 3! Show off your amazing dirt bike skills and become the best dirt bike racer in the entire world!

  • Rocket Bike
    Rocket Bike
    Played 211 times

    Buy equipment and be unstoppable in this rocket-bike race!

  • Super Bike X
    Super Bike X
    Played 225 times

    Try to drive over all of the obstacles without falling off of your bike in this realistic environment.

  • Thug Jacker Half
    Thug Jacker Half
    Played 23 times

    Can a bad guy be a hero? Fight back against the guys who jacked your bike!

  • Zombies Want My Bike
    Zombies Want My Bike
    Played 12 times

    These undead motorheads will stop at nothing to get your wheels!

  • Adventure Biker
    Adventure Biker
    Played 14 times

    Blaze down a few of the most exciting outdoor race tracks on the planet. Just don’t forget the nitro booster!

  • Construction Yard Bike
    Construction Yard Bike
    Played 229 times

    The turmoil of construction is the perfect playground for stunt-bike action!

  • Bicycle 2: Physical Bike Race
    Bicycle 2: Physical Bike Race
    Played 13 times

    Just how fast can you go in this challenging and fun racing game? Show off your skills and become the best there is in Bicycle 2!

  • Flying Bike
    Flying Bike
    Played 18 times

    Shoot your enemies, collect hearts and score points.

  • Newspaper Boy: Halloween
    Newspaper Boy: Halloween
    Played 116 times

    Billy the newspaper boy is declaring war on his neighborhood this Halloween! Help him fling pumpkins through windows and create total mayhem while he collects tons of delicious candy in this outrageous action game.

  • Free Rider 2
    Free Rider 2
    Played 134 times

    Don’t just be the racer that keeps winning, instead, become the creator that designs the tracks! In Free Rider 2, it’s only your imagination that’s the limit!

  • Dirt Bike 4
    Dirt Bike 4
    Played 165 times

    The toughest dirt biker can take on any obstacle. Are you game?

  • Enduro 2: The Sawmill
    Enduro 2: The Sawmill
    Played 61 times

    Let's see how much abuse your bike can endure...

  • Bicycle Drag
    Bicycle Drag
    Played 85 times

    Have fun in a challenging racing game and win one to one head-on races. Spike it up with upgrades to your bicycle speed, balance and power. Get into the fast lane with spinning chains on a well-oiled road to victory. So don't drag your heels, drag your bicycle in a fun game filled with endless spikey sports!

  • Motorbike Wash and Repair
    Motorbike Wash and Repair
    Played 27 times

    Each one of these cool bikes needs a wash and some maintenance work. Do you think that you can handle it?

  • Motorcycle Show Dress Up
    Motorcycle Show Dress Up
    Played 29 times

    Is your wardrobe ready for action? Take your style into high gear!

The Most Fun on Two Wheels

Looking for some wheel action? If it travels on two, there's a game about it in our dozens of bike gamesbicycles, motorcyles, dirt bikes, and more. We've got it all covered.

Not only will you find Motocross and BMX action, but a ton of bike racing games as well, like Dirt Bike Racing. Have a greater need for speed? Fuel up and hop on a Rocket Bike. You can also work on your maneuver mastery in obstacle-dodging games like Two Wheeler Trauma. And fight off the thugs and zombies who want your ride in Thug Jacker Half and Zombies Want My Bike. Or try on another role for size: step off the bike and be a bike mechanic in Maxx Machine.

There are plenty of bike games for boys, but there are bike games geared toward girls, too, like Princess Bike Trip, which lets you dress up Belle and Rapunzel and decorate their bikes for a spring ride in the sunshine. If it's the bike you want to dress up, the equally boy- and girl-friendly Pimp My Bike will let you do just that. There are also bike games for kids. Bike Rally offers kids wholesome stunt fun, and BM-Rex will get a giggle out of players of all ages. Or ride on air in a game full of cartoon shenanigans in Flying Bike.

Boys, girls, and younger kids; adults and teens; racing or stunt fans, or even puzzle or dress-up fans: we've got a bike game you'll like. Can we tempt you for a ride?