Award Games

  • Peacekeeper: Army Shooting Game
    Peacekeeper: Army Shooting Game
    Played 17159 times

    Nothing keeps the peace like a plasma rifle.

  • Moon Police: Truck Game
    Moon Police: Truck Game
    Played 16937 times

    Zoom sensitive outerspace materials across a pockmarked lunar landscape, sirens ablaze!

  • Donuts: Sara's Cooking Class
    Donuts: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 16832 times

    Sara knows that when you have a donut, life is sweet!

  • Baby Animal Shelter
    Baby Animal Shelter
    Played 16643 times

    Pamper these bouncing bundles of joy—then release them back into the wild!

  • Desktop Racing 2
    Desktop Racing 2
    Played 16614 times

    Take a break from all your worries and go racing...across a desk!

  • Mahjong World Contest
    Mahjong World Contest
    Played 16495 times

    This is the ultimate single player version of the Chinese game, Mahjong. Can you become the world champion?

  • Destroy All Cars
    Destroy All Cars
    Played 16479 times

    Unleash the physics of arena destruction.

  • Midnight Snacks
    Midnight Snacks
    Played 16325 times

    The tummy wants what the tummy wants...

  • Waterfall Rush
    Waterfall Rush
    Played 16184 times

    Tackle this upstream kayak battle one trick at a time!

  • Lasagna: Sara's Cooking Class
    Lasagna: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 15945 times

    What’s that delightful smell coming from the kitchen? It’s lasagna, Sara’s latest and greatest dish.

  • Skullhunter: Player Pack
    Skullhunter: Player Pack
    Played 15691 times

    These smug-looking bags of bones have it coming.

  • Zombie Balloon Heads: Shooting Game
    Zombie Balloon Heads: Shooting Game
    Played 15433 times

    Zombies are invading Johnny's math notes!

  • Ninja Miner 2
    Ninja Miner 2
    Played 15429 times

    He’s one of the world’s best treasure hunters and he’s about to go searching for another batch of precious jewels in these forbidden temples. Wanna tag along with him in this online game?

  • Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans
    Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans
    Played 15196 times

    Who am I? Where am I?

  • Movie Star Dress Up
    Movie Star Dress Up
    Played 15009 times

    Create the picture-perfect look for this leading lady's stylish acceptance speech!

  • Destroy the Village
    Destroy the Village
    Played 14984 times

    It may take a village to raise a child, but to destroy a village, it takes rockets.

  • Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Played 14921 times

    Browse these bodacious beach-side boutiques! You'll be sayin' "Aloha" in no time!

  • Zombie Trapper
    Zombie Trapper
    Played 14917 times

    As the sheriff of Oakwood, it's your job to protect the village from an impending swarm of zombies!

  • Cricket Rivals
    Cricket Rivals
    Played 14701 times

    Bowl them over with your beastly batting skills!

  • Gem Invasion
    Gem Invasion
    Played 14647 times

    Don't be distracted by the rows of sparkling jewels! They're coming for you...

  • Flick Color
    Flick Color
    Played 14497 times

    It's a technicolor battle for the board!

  • Falafel: Sara's Cooking Class
    Falafel: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 14497 times

    Chock-full of chickpeas, Sara's filling falafels will make spicy fireworks in your mouth!

  • Pancakes: Sara's Cooking Class
    Pancakes: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 14374 times

    Breakfast, lunch, or dinner: these delicious pancakes are perfect for any time of day!

  • Grand Prix Go: Race Car Game
    Grand Prix Go: Race Car Game
    Played 14328 times

    Got the guts to race your way to grand prix glory?

  • Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
    Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
    Played 14147 times

    Everyone needs their spa time...especially Nerdy Girl.

  • Personal Shopper 5
    Personal Shopper 5
    Played 13895 times

    'Tis always the season for Macy to shop 'til she drops!

  • LAX Shuttle Bus
    LAX Shuttle Bus
    Played 13851 times

    The pressure's on: the people of Los Angeles aren't so angelic when they miss a flight...

  • Flip Fruit
    Flip Fruit
    Played 13849 times

    Flip these fruit 'til they're ready to scoot!

  • Ninja Miner
    Ninja Miner
    Played 13768 times

    Leap from wall to wall and floor to ceiling as your ninja skills are put to the test in an increasingly complex underground labyrinth of sweet, sweet jewels (and stars). Welcome to a whole new type of ninja game.

  • Elevator Rush
    Elevator Rush
    Played 13610 times

    Whether they're moving on up or going down, it's your job to get them there!

  • Stuffed Peppers: Sara's Cooking Class
    Stuffed Peppers: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 13589 times

    Treat your tastebuds with Sara's stuffed peppers!

  • Halloween Cupcake:Sara's Cooking Class
    Halloween Cupcake:Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 13372 times

    No real eyeballs or spiders are used in Sara's spooky cupcake recipe...right?

  • Hot Pursuit City: Cop Car Game
    Hot Pursuit City: Cop Car Game
    Played 13326 times

    Being a cop isn't easy—but you do get to drive fast and shoot stuff. #WINNING!

  • Heaven and Hell
    Heaven and Hell
    Played 13134 times

    There's only a thin line between heaven and hell...

  • Lovely Mermaid
    Lovely Mermaid
    Played 13051 times

    Dive into the details of this underwater love story!

  • Devilish Valentine
    Devilish Valentine
    Played 12791 times

    Love is sweet, sweet poison...