Award Games

  • Cute Farm Hospital: Animal Vet Game
    Cute Farm Hospital: Animal Vet Game
    Played 10728 times

    Help! These farmyard cuties need your veterinary skills to get back on their paws.

  • Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
    Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
    Played 3090 times

    Everyone needs their spa time...especially Nerdy Girl.

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grandprix: Cake Baking Game
    Rachel's Kitchen Grandprix: Cake Baking Game
    Played 16162 times

    If you can’t stand the heat…

  • Red Carpet Perfect Dress Up
    Red Carpet Perfect Dress Up
    Played 2898 times

    This Hollywood honey needs your help!

  • One and One Story
    One and One Story
    Played 5863 times

    Help the two lovers become one in this magical game.

  • Free Kick 2012
    Free Kick 2012
    Played 3298 times

    Can't make it to the European soccer championships this year? Get in on the action here!

  • Operate Now: Skin Surgery
    Operate Now: Skin Surgery
    Played 15643 times

    It’s a high-pressure job…but someone’s got to do it!

  • Goth Girl Makeover
    Goth Girl Makeover
    Played 3299 times

    Go haute goth with this mysterious maiden...

  • Operate Now: Arm Surgery 2
    Operate Now: Arm Surgery 2
    Played 18100 times

    Race against time to save a life in this virtual ER!

  • Donuts: Sara's Cooking Class
    Donuts: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 4464 times

    Sara knows that when you have a donut, life is sweet!

  • Stuffed Peppers: Sara's Cooking Class
    Stuffed Peppers: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 4486 times

    Treat your tastebuds with Sara's stuffed peppers!

  • Blockmover
    Played 8425 times

    Making blocks disappear doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting—just a click of the mouse!

  • Falafel: Sara's Cooking Class
    Falafel: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 3998 times

    Chock-full of chickpeas, Sara's filling falafels will make spicy fireworks in your mouth!

  • Ninja Miner 2
    Ninja Miner 2
    Played 4945 times

    He’s one of the world’s best treasure hunters and he’s about to go searching for another batch of precious jewels in these forbidden temples. Wanna tag along with him in this online game?

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Valentine
    Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Valentine
    Played 3188 times

    Baked with love for Valentine's Day: cupcakes even Cupid can't resist!

  • Zodiac Makeover: Gemini
    Zodiac Makeover: Gemini
    Played 1575 times

    Geminis are outgoing and like to look their best. Help this one pick out a new outfit.

  • Desktop Racing 2
    Desktop Racing 2
    Played 5758 times

    Take a break from all your worries and go racing...across a desk!

  • Donut Bar
    Donut Bar
    Played 2024 times

    Open wide and take a giant bite of chocolate-covered, deep-fried fun!

  • Sofia's Schoolgirl Makeover
    Sofia's Schoolgirl Makeover
    Played 3629 times

    The first day of school is only a few days away and Sofia has no clue what to wear...

  • 911 Rescue Team
    911 Rescue Team
    Played 30047 times

    Race to the rescue; it's an emergency!

  • My Beauty Spa Panic
    My Beauty Spa Panic
    Played 1736 times

    Don’t panic! This luxurious spa has a ton of customers waiting and they need your help, ASAP.

  • 300 Miles to Pigsland
    300 Miles to Pigsland
    Played 2168 times

    Only 300 tricky, tough, and toilsome miles to pig paradise. No big deal!

  • Energy Physics
    Energy Physics
    Played 1521 times

    Science can really pack a punch!

  • Devilish Cooking
    Devilish Cooking
    Played 12154 times

    Are you a sweet angel, or a spicy devil?

  • Christmas Dinner: Sara's Cooking Class
    Christmas Dinner: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 11676 times

    Sara's serving up a helping of Christmas cheer this festive season...

  • Wedding Cupcakes: Sara's Cooking Class
    Wedding Cupcakes: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 2267 times

    Wedding bells are ringing and Sara’s got a lot of cupcakes to bake for the big day. Can you help?

  • Make Me a Bride
    Make Me a Bride
    Played 4390 times

    Every girl deserves to be a beautiful blushing bride.

  • Back To School Makeover
    Back To School Makeover
    Played 2061 times

    Cleansing, steaming, squeezing—who knew getting ready for school was so much work?

  • Paws to Beauty 3: Puppies & Kittens
    Paws to Beauty 3: Puppies & Kittens
    Played 8355 times

    Get ready to groom some totally cute and super-cuddly pets!

  • Digital Girl Dress Up
    Digital Girl Dress Up
    Played 4708 times

    This girl is a total techie but she loves fashion too. Help her pick out an awesome outfit.

  • Zombie TD: Reborn
    Zombie TD: Reborn
    Played 2544 times

    Wipe out this army of walking dead, before it's too late.

  • JFK Airport Parking
    JFK Airport Parking
    Played 6077 times

    Airports aren't all about planes!

  • Flick Color
    Flick Color
    Played 5021 times

    It's a technicolor battle for the board!

  • Dolphin Pop
    Dolphin Pop
    Played 7473 times

    Pop this porpoise's pesky problems away!

  • Operate Now: Nose Surgery
    Operate Now: Nose Surgery
    Played 16170 times

    Doctor, this patient needs a vital operation, stat! Get to the OR on the double.

  • Princess Kitten
    Princess Kitten
    Played 1605 times

    This cute kitty wants a real royal makeover…and it has to be purrfect.