Avoiding Games

  • LIFE - Long Independent Fall Execution
    LIFE - Long Independent Fall Execution
    Played 193 times

    This bouncing baby seems to have lost his stork. Can you help him get home safely?

  • Magic Bubble
    Magic Bubble
    Played 191 times

    Burst the bubbles into smaller and smaller bits until they all disappear.

  • Mr. Carrot Face
    Mr. Carrot Face
    Played 58 times

    Shoot the presents falling from the sky using your infinite supply of magical carrot noses.

  • Ninja Bacon
    Ninja Bacon
    Played 128 times

    It's trial by death-trap to prove you're worth your bacon! Impress the Master with your ninja skills...

  • Office Escaper: Stress Free
    Office Escaper: Stress Free
    Played 49 times

    John is trying to leave the office but his bosses won’t let him. Can you help him avoid working overtime?

  • Ninja Training
    Ninja Training
    Played 341 times

    A ninja must be nimble on his feet...his life depends on it.

  • Party Boat
    Party Boat
    Played 359 times

    Fireworks are great...unless you're trying to pilot a helicopter through them.

  • Ring Avoider 2
    Ring Avoider 2
    Played 19 times

    Test your dexterity and speed as the challenge builds…

  • Salad Dodger
    Salad Dodger
    Played 50 times

    Collect junk food while avoiding the salad.

  • Refrigerator Rampage 1
    Refrigerator Rampage 1
    Played 28 times

    A massive storm of Refrigerators is coming from the sky! The weather report?! more refrigerators are going to fall from the clouds and smash this little funny stick man to pieces. Could you help him out avoiding the rain of appliances that are raining everywhere?

  • Soulsearch
    Played 2 times

    Try to find your way out of the maze, steering clear of those who try to keep you trapped.

  • Smove Paradise
    Smove Paradise
    Played 433 times

    How long can you keep this treasure hunter safe while he grabs lots of priceless jewels?

  • Spacetacular Voyage
    Spacetacular Voyage
    Played 20 times

    There's always a chance you'll hit something in space, but this is ridiculous!

  • Stealth at School
    Stealth at School
    Played 58 times

    Ugh, this class is soooooo dull! Can you help this bored student avoid the classroom monitor and make a break for it in this fun online game?

  • Sushi Dash
    Sushi Dash
    Played 153 times

    You need to be quick with your dodging skills if you want to earn the highest score in this all new and totally wild arcade game, Sushi Dash! Collect the orbs and watch out for falling spikes.

  • The Case of Scary Shadow
    The Case of Scary Shadow
    Played 109 times

    This bear is terrified of bees and even his own shadow! Collect those acorns in this fun and simple arcade game, The Case of the Scary Shadow.

  • X- training 1
    X- training 1
    Played 22 times

    Avoid the flying balls to save the red block!

  • Acidrain
    Played 131 times

    This brave explorer is trying to make his way back home through an exoctic jungle. He’ll have to overcome bubbling geysers filled with purple goo and other hazards along the way. To make things more complicated, the weather forecast is calling for acid rain! Can you keep him safe from all of these perils in this adventure game?

  • Avoidster
    Played 29 times

    When the walls close in and the world starts spinning, it’s best to avoid everything!

  • Cloudy
    Played 111 times

    Set your paper air-o-plane to sail with the wind!

  • Cursor Hunter
    Cursor Hunter
    Played 28 times

    Keep your cursor alive by maneuvering around Kesler's attacks until he faints.

  • Forest Adventure
    Forest Adventure
    Played 434 times

    The hero little bear needs your guidance through a tough forest! How far can you go in a dangerous unBEARable forest? Collect the stars and avoid various traps, obstacles and enemies in this fun action adventure now.

  • Ghostball
    Played 40 times

    A lone silver ball has gotten stuck in a world filled with crazy balls hitting him off the screen.

  • Gravity Squares
    Gravity Squares
    Played 30 times

    Keep the squares away from the box in the center.

  • Kill H1N1
    Kill H1N1
    Played 97 times

    The way to a girl's heart is through her immune system...

  • Kill Zomies
    Kill Zomies
    Played 31 times

    Lure the evil creatures to follow your footsteps until they kill each other.

  • Path Master
    Path Master
    Played 72 times

    Sometimes the simplest games are the hardest...

  • Probe
    Played 21 times

    The most effective probes leave no trace of their presence...

  • Rain of Arrows
    Rain of Arrows
    Played 127 times

    This high-flying hero is determined to put his jumping skills to the ultimate test. How long can you help him survive while avoiding an endless barrage of arrows in this exciting action game?

  • Rocket Run
    Rocket Run
    Played 93 times

    Collect all of the stars and try not to hit any walls.

  • San Fermin
    San Fermin
    Played 77 times

    Run away and dodge the bulls chasing you.

  • Sleigh Away
    Sleigh Away
    Played 21 times

    Shoot stars at the sleigh and catch the falling presents.

  • String Avoider 2
    String Avoider 2
    Played 436 times

    Can you keep focused when the play screen starts to move?

  • Super Rocket Rush
    Super Rocket Rush
    Played 51 times

    Shoot for the stars…and the strawberries!

  • Super Castle Sprint
    Super Castle Sprint
    Played 97 times

    An angry skeleton is hot on your heels. Can you escape his clutches?

  • The Lost Bride
    The Lost Bride
    Played 32 times

    A cloud of pink love fogs your mind, but you must keep true to the path laid out before you…

    • Visible 3
      Visible 3
      Played 31 times

      Looks can be deceiving...

    • Vorlon Wars
      Vorlon Wars
      Played 31 times

      Steer your ship to collect all red items and avoid your enemies.

    • Viking King
      Viking King
      Played 406 times

      You and your strong army of Vikings are on an adventure, but it looks like Odin is not pleased. Dodge his attacks in this silly but totally fun casual platformer game, Viking King.

    • Wigginaut
      Played 211 times

      Help the two Wigginauts collect all the stars in space while avoiding asteroids.

    • Angry Girlfriend
      Angry Girlfriend
      Played 224 times

      Avoid the angry people and try to hit them with your love missiles!

    • Asteroid Runner
      Asteroid Runner
      Played 2 times

      Steer your ship and avoid the asteroids.

    • Billy Blue Fish
      Billy Blue Fish
      Played 62 times

      Help Billy Blue Fish avoid all of the obstacles and get to the candy store to satisfy his hunger with magical snacks!

    • Bollix
      Played 363 times

      Guide the red ball to the exit without touching anything.

    • Bob
      Played 45 times

      Blow up the red balls by growing your own big bubbles!

    • Distopix
      Played 16 times

      Keep your eyes focused on the prize as the screen shifts and morphs!

    • Droplet 2
      Droplet 2
      Played 28 times

      Think the first Droplet game was awesome? Well that was just a droplet in the bucket.

    • Flash Empires 2
      Flash Empires 2
      Played 22 times

      Guide the red ball through the stages, avoiding traps and dangers.