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The Wall

The Wall is a quiz game where your score is determined by dropping balls down a giant wall-sized plinko board. In some rounds you get to determine from where to drop the balls, but will luck be on your side?

How to play The Wall?

In this quiz game, you will be asked all kinds of multiple choice trivia questions. To determine how many points the right answer will add to your score, balls are simultaneously dropped down a giant plinko board full of pins. The balls will bounce around between the pins and work their way to the bottom of the board. Here, they will fall into one of the numbered slots.

Answer the questions correctly before the balls fall into the slots. In some rounds you can pick where to drop the balls from. Sometimes, the slots will also include negative numbers that will be subtracted from your score if the ball ends up landing there.

The system of Pascal’s Triangle will give you some idea about the odds of where on the board the balls will land, but luck plays a part, too! Sometimes the best slots are right next to the worst ones, so keep your fingers crossed as you watch the balls travel down The Wall!

Game Controls

Use the mouse to play.

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Who created The Wall?

The Wall was created by Ringier Axel Springer.

When was The Wall first released?

This game was first released on January 24, 2024.