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Skibidi Toilet Rampage

Skibidi Toilet Rampage is a skill game inspired by the viral internet hit videos by DaFuq!?Boom! Join the escalating battle between the Skibidi Toilets and the Alliance of Cameramen, Speakermen and TV Men.

Fight normal and giant Skibidi Toilets, flying toilets, spiders, titans, and more. How long can you withstand the increasingly powerful porcelain legions? “Brrr Skibidi Dop Dop Dop Yes Yes…”

How do you play Skibidi Toilet Rampage?

Your goal is to smash all of the toilet bowls with sinister protruding heads. Run and dodge with your Cameraman to make it to the finish zone of each arena.

The greatest weakness of the Skibidi Toilets, as seen in the video series, is being flushed down their own bowl. However, in this game, you must defeat the ceramic creeps by rushing at them and punching a dent in their cisterns.

Keep moving as you weave and dash between the gliding gutbuckets. When a Toilet locks onto your position, it’ll project a red beam in your direction. This line marks the trajectory of the Toilet’s imminent attack. Leap aside and dodge the doo-doo before the porcelain perishers hit you with their putrid counteroffensive!

Game Controls

  • Use the WASD keys to run
  • Press the spacebar to dash and dodge

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Who created Skibidi Toilet Rampage?

Skibidi Toilet Rampage was created by Dapalab.

When was Skibidi Toilet Rampage first released?

This game was released for web on July 19, 2023.