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Pimple Pop Rush

Zap some zits in Pimple Pop Rush! How many of them will you be able to eliminate in this totally crazy pimple popping game?

So many pimples, so little time! Get rid of them and fast in this outrageous action game. You'll be encountering tons of pimples as you race along the arms, backs, and legs of various people dealing with serious acne problems. Pop them and you'll earn lots of cash that you can trade in for cool gloves.

How to Play Pimple Pop Rush?

Pimple Pop Rush is a fun and bizarre skill game. Pop as many pimples as you can in each exciting level.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to move either left or right while you pop pimples.

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Who Developed Pimple Pop Rush?

Pimple Pop Rush was created by PL Studio.