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Mahjong 3D Candy

Mahjong 3D Candy is a tile-matching game with 3D graphics. In this game you can not only grab and spin the cluster of candy tiles left or right, but you can also rotate it up or down.

How to play Mahjong 3D Candy?

In this mahjong game, your objective is to combine the matching tiles. Find two identical tiles with at least one free edge along the corner. Valid matches will vanish, allowing you to reach new tiles further toward the centre of the cluster.

You can also rotate the cluster left, right, up and down to look for playable pairs. You have 6:00 minutes to clear the tile layouts and complete as many levels as you can. By completing levels quickly, you can earn extra time to keep playing for longer.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play or tap the touchscreen.
  • Tap two identical tiles in a row to match them up.
  • Tap the arrow keys on the left and right side of the screen or use the mouse and drag to rotate the cluster of tiles.

Similar Games

If you can’t get enough of 3D Mahjong games, Arkadium’s Mahjong: Dark Dimensions and Mahjong Dimensions 3D. These two games have a ruthless time limit, so if you’d like a little more time to complete each level, try the slowed down version Mahjong Dimensions: 900 Seconds

Who created Mahjong 3D Candy?

Mahjong 3D Candy was created by SoftGames.