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Jigsaw Casual

In Jigsaw Casual, the solution to the puzzle literally comes piece by piece. What sets this puzzle game apart from other jigsaws, is the fact that you receive a new puzzle piece only after adding the previous one to the puzzle board.

How to play Jigsaw Casual

You start the game with a few puzzle pieces already placed on your puzzle board. You’ll have to add the new pieces you receive onto what’s already there. Drag the pieces onto the board and complete the image bit by bit. Don’t fret if you get stuck, as the game will automatically give you a hint if you can’t find the correct place for a piece.

Game controls

Use the mouse or touchscreen to play. Click or tap and drag a puzzle piece to move it.

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Who developed Jigsaw Casual?

This online jigsaw puzzle was created by 2Play.

When was Jigsaw Casual released?

This online game was first released in October of 2023.