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This free online dominoes game includes a classic play mode as well as two fun variations. Take a seat at the table and try your hand at this famous tabletop game.

What are the Domino game rules?

The goal of dominoes is to be the first player to lay down all of their domino tiles. Once you do so, you win the round and the cumulative points left in your opponent’s hand will be yours to take. The first player to reach 100 points, wins the game.

Turn by turn, you lay down dominoes against one of the edge pieces. The number displayed on the piece must match the one you are combining it with. Continue placing tiles on the table this way until one of the players has discarded all of their pieces.

Which game modes can I play in Domino?

This version of the famous domino game includes three gameplay modes;

  • Classic: This is the most well-known dominoes game, with the basic rules as explained above. Additionally, if you do not have any possible moves in a turn, you select a piece from the ‘boneyard’.

  • Block: Similar to the mode above, but with one pivotal difference; if you cannot make a move, you skip a turn.

  • All Fives: Every time a player lays down a tile, the ends of the tableau are counted. If this adds up to a multiple of five, you score the points. The first player to reach 150 wins the game. Additionally, this mode allows you to attach dominoes to the first doubles, and not just to the edge pieces.

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Who made this version of Domino?

This dominoes game was created by Chorse Games Limited.

When was this game released?

Domino was first released in December 2022.