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Can you survive and thrive in It's time to dive straight into the middle of a total feeding frenzy!

Evolution is just one of your goals in this addictive .io game. You’ll be starting out at the bottom of an intense food chain as a mere fly. Go in search of tons of yummy stuff to eat before your opponents make a meal out of you! That's going to be a lot of work, so you’re bound to get thirsty. Be sure to keep an eye on your hydration meter and take the occasional sip of water, but watch out! You’ll run out of air if you spend too much time swimming around in a pond!

If you're lucky, move fast, and keep flying, you’ll gradually turn into more complex critters like butterflies and birds. You’ll eventually be able to chow down on the pipsqueak animals below you in the food chain as well. Oh, and one more thing! Be sure to watch out for all those pesky dinosaurs. They’ll eat just about anything!

How to Play

Find out how long you can survive in this online multiplayer game while you attempt to evolve into increasingly more powerful animals. Be sure you watch what you eat, too! Your diet will change every time you do!

Game Controls


  • USE THE MOUSE to direct your critter.
  • LEFT CLICK to fly.
  • RIGHT CLICK to use a special ability.


  • PRESS THE ARROWS to direct your critter.
  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to use a special ability.

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Can I Play on Mobile?

Yes, you can download it from Google Play.

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