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Eco Recycler

Start a new company in the booming recycling business in Eco Recycler, a free idle game. Upgrade your machines, distribute products, and show everyone that eco recycling is the way forward!

How to play Eco Recycler

Start production lines and buy new machines by distributing items and funds to the right place. Walk towards a spot to automatically use the tool closest to it. 

The game starts off with a short introduction to show you the ropes of the first location. Bring the trash to the paper machine and recycle it into toilet paper. Then drop the brand new products off at the loading zone to ship them to stores.

Along the way, you can unlock new machines and new ways to automate production. Grow your business to greater heights by expanding and exploring new possibilities!

Use the mouse or touchscreen to move your character.

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Who developed Eco Recycler?

This ecology and recycling game was created by Andy Games.

When was Eco Recycler released?

This free online game came out in October of 2023.