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Demolish Derby

Demolish Derby is a hypercasual monster truck game in which you have to destroy the other cars by crashing into them head-on! 

How to play Demolish Derby?

Chase the other cars through the arena and crash into them. If you hit the other cars head on, your own car will sustain less damage than if you get hit from the side or the back. Each demolition derby battle ends when all other cars have been destroyed.

After each round, you can upgrade certain attributes of your car to strengthen them. You can increase the amount of damage your car can give and take, or boost your earnings. 

Game Controls

Use the mouse to control the car.

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Who created Demolish Derby?

Demolish Derby was created by Simplicity Games, the same creator who make the quirky fantasy game Wizard Mike.

When was Demolish Derby first released?

This game was released on April 20, 2023.