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Crowd Stack Race 3D

How far will you make it in Crowd Stack Race 3D? See how large of a team you can assemble in this weird and wacky racing game!

You'll start out with only one racer in this running game. Try to accumulate more as you zoom toward the finish line in each level, but watch out! If you bump into groups of racers of a different color, you'll lose some members of your new crowd.

How to Play Crowd Stack Race 3D?

Crowd Stack Race 3D is a challenging stickman game. Assemble other racers of the same color as you run to the finish line at the end of each level. If you slam into other groups of a different color though, you’ll lose at least a few of your colleagues.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of your racer.
  • MOVE THE MOUSE to move them as they run.

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