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Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a multiplayer game with pseudo-3D graphics. Drive around the arena in your car, leaving a trail of colorful paint. Create loops with your trail and close them to expand your territory.

How to play Color Galaxy?

In this action game, you have to drive outside of the safe zone (a bit circle marked in your color). As you cross the arena in your car, you’ll leave a trail of paint behind you. Create a loop and close it by reentering your zone. All the territory caught within the loop will now become yours.

The objective is to claim as much ground as possible. Players can steal territory from each other by catching it in their looping trail. However, if any player crosses through your trail before you can close it, you’ll lose the game. Crossing your own trail will also end your run.

You can unlock new vehicles with the points you earn, including cool sports cars, bumper cars, and even a giant chicken. In the top right corner you can see a live ranking, showing which players possess the greatest portions of the arena.

Game Controls


  • Use the mouse to play.
  • Left click, hold, and drag to drive your vehicle through the arena.


  • Place your finger on the screen and trace a route for your vehicle to follow.

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Who created Color Galaxy?

Color Galaxy was created by Gismart.