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2048 X2 Legends

2048 X2 Legends is a 2048 game with falling blocks. Drop the colored blocks into one of the five lanes and keep combining them to gather higher and higher scores.

How to play 2048 X2 Legends?

Drop the numbered blocks into one of the lanes. When two identical blocks touch, they will merge together to form a new block that combines the previous values.

Blocks can be matched vertically or horizontally, and when three blocks touch the value will quadruple. This way, you can also “pull” blocks out of a lane when it is threatening to spill over.

You can even keep combining blocks beyond 2048, to create a 4096 block, or possibly one that’s even higher!

Game Controls

  • Move the mouse to aim
  • Click to launch the next block

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Who created 2048 X2 Legends?

2048 X2 Legends was created by Inlogic Software.

When was 2048 X2 Legends first released?

This game was first released on December 15, 2023.