• Centre Court
    Centre Court
    Played 13911 times

    Be a real pro and win the Wimbledon tournament!

  • Table Tennis Challenge
    Table Tennis Challenge
    Played 26607 times

    Whether you’re looking for a quick match or a tournament, you’ll find both in this challenging sports game. Step inside this virtual rec room and start practicing your swing before you find out if you’ve got what it takes to become a table tennis champ.

  • Stick Badminton
    Stick Badminton
    Played 27344 times

    New technology in badminton? You got it. Or would you rather do it old school?

  • Wimbledon Tennis
    Wimbledon Tennis
    Played 13690 times

    Step onto the court with the top female tennis players of the world!

  • Sports Heads Tennis
    Sports Heads Tennis
    Played 9394 times

    Fun on Centre Court with the world's tennis stars...well, their heads...

  • Tennis Legends 2016
    Tennis Legends 2016
    Played 9719 times

    Play as one of your favorite tennis stars in one or two player mode and pull some ice, snail and shrink tricks on your opponent to make sure you win the Tennis Legends 2016 tournament!

  • Tennis
    Played 8252 times

    Defeat your opponent in a challenging tennis tournament!

  • Table Tennis World Tour
    Table Tennis World Tour
    Played 160516 times

    Get ready for a trip around the world after you join this international tournament. See if you can bring a victory home while you play for your favorite national team in this 3D sports game.

  • Nextgen 3D Tennis
    Nextgen 3D Tennis
    Played 5461 times

    You can play in a worldwide tournament or just enjoy a quick exhibition match in this thrilling 3D tennis game. Customize your player and modify their abilities before you hit the court to take on some of the planet’s greatest athletes.

  • Tennis Champions
    Tennis Champions
    Played 2719 times

    Smash your way to the top of this tennis tournament!

  • Puppet Tennis
    Puppet Tennis
    Played 2698 times

    The Puppet ATP World Tennis Tour is under way and your little puppet player made it into the final rounds! Play singles head to head with your high ranking opponent and become the next Roger, Raphael or Novak? Have grand slamming fun and rock that racket until you hold that prized golden cup in front of thousands of puppet fans! It's an ace of a game and the crowd is cheering just for you now!

  • Ping Pong Chaos
    Ping Pong Chaos
    Played 893 times

    Things are bound to get really intense in this retro sports game. The reason why is because these athletes don’t use paddles while they play ping pong, they use their own bodies instead! Join them for what’s sure to be a totally wild tournament.

  • Real Tennis
    Real Tennis
    Played 8673 times

    Experience many of the thrills that you’d find on a real tennis court in this online game. Can you defeat all of the virtual opponents that are waiting for you on the other side of the net?

  • Tennis Fury
    Tennis Fury
    Played 950 times

    Which country will you represent in this exciting tennis game? You can play for France, Switzerland and many more as you serve your opponents a few epic defeats!

  • Rio 2016
    Rio 2016
    Played 5523 times

    Experience the thrills and excitement of Rio 2016 this online game. Travel to Rio and lead your nation to victory in football, tennis and four additional events!

  • Tennis
    Played 3680 times

    Swing your way to victory in this fun, and totally free, version of the classic game. You might even work up a sweat while your character dashes across the court and delivers some blazing fast serves.

  • Air Tennis
    Air Tennis
    Played 810 times

    Keep the ball in the air!

  • Tennis Master
    Tennis Master
    Played 831 times

    There's always a plentiful supply of competitors ready to take your title of Tennis Master!

  • Twisted Tennis: 2 Player Game
    Twisted Tennis: 2 Player Game
    Played 899 times

    Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to build up power for a smash hit!

  • Galaktic Tennis
    Galaktic Tennis
    Played 522 times

    Steer your paddle and score goals!

  • Crazy Tennis
    Crazy Tennis
    Played 66 times

    You might be primitive, but you can still give these animals a prehistoric pummeling!

  • Cube Slam
    Cube Slam
    Played 319 times

    You can play against a friend or a virtual bear named Bob in this 3D air hockey game. Can you get the puck past them enough times in order to win? Bob is pretty competitive so you’ll need to stay on your toes and/or claws if you decide to challenge him.

  • Clowns in the Face
    Clowns in the Face
    Played 178 times

    In a world overrun with rampaging clowns, a tennis racket is a man’s best friend.

  • China Open Tennis
    China Open Tennis
    Played 612 times

    It's blood, sweat and tears to reach the top... Would it be worth it?

  • Active Tennis Player Dress Up
    Active Tennis Player Dress Up
    Played 42 times

    Top off this tennis fanatic's uniform!

  • Out Of Bounds
    Out Of Bounds
    Played 785 times

    If you've got the skills, tennis will take you around the world!

  • Tennis for You
    Tennis for You
    Played 115 times

    How long can you keep the ball in play?

  • Ragdoll Tennis
    Ragdoll Tennis
    Played 621 times

    Those wacky ragdolls are back in action. Now they’re trying to play tennis in this free game. Try selecting the tournament mode and find out if you can lead one of them all the way to a championship.

  • Techno Tennis
    Techno Tennis
    Played 111 times
  • Tennis Dress Up
    Tennis Dress Up
    Played 69 times

    What outfit suits best this young tennis star?

  • Box Brothers Tennis
    Box Brothers Tennis
    Played 33 times
  • Hip Hop Tennis
    Hip Hop Tennis
    Played 42 times

    Keep your serves slammin' and move to the beat to win the coolest tennis tournament ever to hit the courts.

  • Freestyle Squash
    Freestyle Squash
    Played 423 times

    When you feel like bouncing off the walls, make a ball do it instead.

  • Sweet Tennis Mania
    Sweet Tennis Mania
    Played 140 times
  • Toto & Sisi Play Tennis
    Toto & Sisi Play Tennis
    Played 38 times

Game, Set, Match

Smash your opponents to win the championship in this collection of tennis games. If you love racket sports but you can't get out on the court, these games will serve you up some excitement whether you have a few minutes to spare or an entire afternoon.

There are plenty of classic tennis games to choose from. Tennis Stars Cup is billed as one of the most realistic tennis experiences online. Let this rag-tag bunch of kids guide you through the game to win. In Tennis Champions you will have to smash your way to the top of the tennis tournament. You can even play on the most fabled court of them all – without leaving your couch. In Wimbledon Tennis, step onto the court and play against the top female tennis players in the world. You will have to be a real pro to win the Wimbledon tournament in Centre Court.

For a goofier take on this elite sport, try Sports Heads tennis. Have fun on center court with the world's biggest tennis stars, well, their heads anyway. Who knows, maybe that will give you the advantage you need to win! In Clowns in the Face, a game with only the most tenuous of ties to tennis, the world is overrun with rampaging clowns and a tennis racket is your best friend for survival.

Looking for other racket sports? This collection of tennis games has those too. In Stick Badminton choose between new technology or go old school to serve up your opponent. Table Tennis Challenge lets you play a quick match or an entire tournament. Step inside the virtual rec room and start practicing your swing before you step up to the table to take on the reigning champion. Finally there is Freestyle Squash, for those days you feel like bouncing off the walls. Make the ball do it instead!

Are you ready to serve? The ball is in your court when you play on Agame.com.