Physics Games

  • Tower Tactics
    Tower Tactics
    Played 1507 times

    Turn these concrete pillars into toppling towers of terror!

  • Sugar, sugar the Christmas special
    Sugar, sugar the Christmas special
    Played 699 times

    Up for a sugar sweet challenge? Draw a line to guide the sugar cubes into all the cups in Sugar, Sugar Xmas Special. Physics and gravity just got a taste for sweetness.

  • Castle Kaboom
    Castle Kaboom
    Played 903 times

    Making castles go kablooey isn’t easy but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

  • Flying Cheese
    Flying Cheese
    Played 686 times

    This cute little mouse has a huge appetite for cheese! Aim carefully and shoot the cheese into the air straight to the mouse. Cheese are flying and it's so much fun!

  • Flicking Soccer
    Flicking Soccer
    Played 8223 times

    You’ve never played a soccer game quite like this one. Take control of the players on this tabletop field and see if you can flick the ball into the goal before time runs out.

  • Moon and Sun
    Moon and Sun
    Played 942 times

    The moon and sun are on a tight schedule, so help them make their appearances on time!

  • Steep Dive Airmail
    Steep Dive Airmail
    Played 958 times

    We’re not sure how all those letters got up there but only you can bring them back down to earth.

  • Swindler
    Played 558 times

    To slime or not to slime, that is the question.

  • Cover Orange
    Cover Orange
    Played 1926 times

    Without some shelter, the fruit doesn't stand a chance in the nasty rain...

  • Meet Kitty
    Meet Kitty
    Played 2126 times

    These two cuddly cats desperately want to get together. Can you help them make a love connection?

  • Frog Drink Water
    Frog Drink Water
    Played 1655 times

    What are you, trying to poison this frog?? Get him some clean water!

  • Alarmy: Desert
    Alarmy: Desert
    Played 659 times

    These are alarming times... specially in the desert! Take your tools and start fixing these puzzles I bet you will be able to make it!

  • Cute Owl
    Cute Owl
    Played 972 times

    Wake the cute owl up, and get ready to make some noise!

  • Cover Orange: Wild West
    Cover Orange: Wild West
    Played 2796 times

    Being small and alone in the mean old wild west ain’t easy. Try to save your skin in this fun puzzle game.

  • Magic Pen
    Magic Pen
    Played 2052 times

    Use your drawing skills and the laws of physics to get ahead in this game!

  • Freaky Cows
    Freaky Cows
    Played 733 times

    Float these batty bovines to freedom!

  • Cyber Swat
    Cyber Swat
    Played 1157 times

    Terrorists have taken control of a building in the inner city!

  • Hippos vs Rhinos
    Hippos vs Rhinos
    Played 860 times

    The hippos are finally fighting back, and it’s gonna get nasty…

  • Grace QWOP
    Grace QWOP
    Played 1419 times

    You are Grace, but not always when you are running for the first time. Use the QWOP keys to move your legs and try to run 100 meters. Be careful, it is much harder than it looks! This is not about winning or losing, but how determined are you to complete the distance to the finishing line?

  • Dwarf Coins
    Dwarf Coins
    Played 700 times

    This poor little guy has lost all of his precious loot. Won’t you help him get it back?

  • Good Daddy
    Good Daddy
    Played 694 times

    He might be a total square but he’s a great parent.

  • NightFlies
    Played 2831 times

    These lightning bugs love to boogie. Solve each puzzle to turn the light on so they can dance the night away.

  • 4 Directions
    4 Directions
    Played 18475 times

    If you can master the tricky timings, you'll float through these races like a champ. Just remember that "the floor is lava." And so is the ceiling, the walls, the barriers...just don't touch anything.

  • Slam Dunk Forever
    Slam Dunk Forever
    Played 5371 times

    Hit the court for some exciting b-ball action with this intense online game. How many times in a row can you toss the explosive ball through the hoop? If you miss a shot, it’ll blow up. Literally!

  • The Dragon Flow
    The Dragon Flow
    Played 670 times
  • Sleepy Heads
    Sleepy Heads
    Played 1389 times

    Some would-be revelers are about to get the surprise of their life as they sleep off one epic party. Knock those sleepyheads off their block by putting together all the right pieces in this physics-based puzzle game.

  • Sly Fox
    Sly Fox
    Played 2622 times

    This clever fox is no match for your farm fresh puzzle-solving skills!

  • Amigo Pancho 8: The Death Star
    Amigo Pancho 8: The Death Star
    Played 1430 times

    The high-flying hombre is about to take on the Empire! Join him as he blasts into the Death Star. Can you help him avoid the deadly space station’s booby traps in this adventure game?

  • Conveyor
    Played 607 times

    The next shipment date is coming up soon, and all these boxes still need to be packed!

  • Spiny Tom
    Spiny Tom
    Played 1110 times

    Help Tom the very hungry hedgehog grab something to eat on his way home.

  • Choose Your 2012
    Choose Your 2012
    Played 709 times

    How will you destroy the world? Meteorites, hurricane, volcano…

  • Box Rotation
    Box Rotation
    Played 3134 times

    Need a little help sharpening your reflexes? Whirl, twirl, swoop, and soar around these obstacle courses. Just master some tricky turning maneuvers, and you'll be on a roll!

  • Snoring 2: Wild West
    Snoring 2: Wild West
    Played 829 times

    Snoring in the Wild West is a punishable offense!

  • Civiballs
    Played 832 times

    Wield your sword like Achilles and your wits like Socrates, and you'll Greek out playing this cool logic game!

  • Cat Around Europe 2
    Cat Around Europe 2
    Played 613 times

    This kitty is off to explore Europe’s most famous cities while on a mad dash for pizza.

  • Candy Land
    Candy Land
    Played 3317 times

    These monsters are really thirsty. Help them fill their cups with some yummy lemonade.

    • Champion Archer
      Champion Archer
      Played 3600 times

      There can only be one archer in the entire world that is the greatest, so take up the challenge as you try to become the Champion Archer!

    • Sun Beams 3
      Sun Beams 3
      Played 4886 times

      They say that home is where the heart is but, in this puzzle game, it’s also where you’ll find the sun. Can you get this sunbeam back to his comfy house?

    • Space Miner
      Space Miner
      Played 3332 times

      This cute little alien miner needs to collect some of the galaxy's rare minerals and crystals, but can't do the work all alone! Help him out in this fantastic 2D arcade game, Space Miner.

    • Jungle Plumber Challenge 2
      Jungle Plumber Challenge 2
      Played 3183 times

      Return to the rainforest for another series of plumbing challenges in this puzzle game. Can you get the water all the way from this alligator-infested lake to the bucket?

    • Super Playboy
      Super Playboy
      Played 2345 times

      You thought it was super to step out on your supergirlfriend, and now you're super-stranded in super-trouble!

    • Rush Race
      Rush Race
      Played 1036 times

      When you meet danger, it’s good to have a fast set of wheels and a really big gun…

    • Cars vs. Zombies
      Cars vs. Zombies
      Played 2616 times

      Vent your zombie-apocalypse frustrations on the walking dead, because...well...they're already dead.

    • Candy Slingshot
      Candy Slingshot
      Played 2646 times

      Explore a magical world while you destroy lots of jellies with an enchanted slingshot. Can you make it all the way to the final level of this bubble shooter?

    • Knight and Lil Dragon
      Knight and Lil Dragon
      Played 657 times

      This magical duo are teaming up to defeat some nasty ogres. Wanna tag along?

    • Hold the Fort!
      Hold the Fort!
      Played 1576 times

      The kingdom has been completely taken over by monsters! The only safe place left is this old fort. Help this brave archer defend it at all costs in this exciting shooting game.

    • Cars vs. Robots
      Cars vs. Robots
      Played 1110 times

      Bad bots, bad bots, whatcha gonna do?

    • Car Ferry
      Car Ferry
      Played 634 times

      Better brush up on your bridge-building skills or this car's gonna be sleeping with the fishes...