Highscore Games

  • King of Thieves
    King of Thieves
    Played 6430 times

    Leap into this awesome game that combines the best of platformers with the excitement of MMOs. Design dungeons, steal treasure and find out if you’ve got what it takes to become the King of Thieves.

  • Jellydad Hero
    Jellydad Hero
    Played 2885 times

    Some space pirates are trying to ruin their vacation but these jellies aren’t gonna let that happen.

  • Mini Robot Wars
    Mini Robot Wars
    Played 2662 times

    Kick butt at the Robot Wars World Championship 2054!

  • Undead's Island
    Undead's Island
    Played 1201 times

    Somewhere over the Pacific, you crash-land on what you mistakenly believe is an uninhabited island...

  • Bubble Pop Story
    Bubble Pop Story
    Played 3876 times

    Pop these colorfully designed bubbles within the move limit and earn the highest score possible in this brand new puzzle game, Bubble Pop Story! The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay is fun for all ages!

  • Zball 2
    Zball 2
    Played 4485 times

    Can you maneuver this ball across the platform without it falling off the edge? In this sequel of the popular original Zball, it gets's a little trickier!

  • California Rolls: Sara's Cooking Class
    California Rolls: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 7642 times

    Sink your teeth into some scrumptious homemade sushi!

  • Hot Pursuit City
    Hot Pursuit City
    Played 1908 times

    Being a cop isn't easy—but you do get to drive fast and shoot stuff. #WINNING!

  • Spy Car
    Spy Car
    Played 3378 times

    Your driving skills are the only thing keeping your country safe from criminals.

  • Diving for Love
    Diving for Love
    Played 638 times

    How deep is your love?

  • Flight Of The Hamsters
    Flight Of The Hamsters
    Played 8891 times

    Help the hamsters enjoy their time off with the new extreme sport of hamster launching!

  • Mope.io
    Played 34500 times

    How long will you last in this cute io game? Lead this little mouse while he tries to collect food and water. Can you keep him safe from the other rodents so he can grow up big and strong?

  • Summon the Hero
    Summon the Hero
    Played 901 times

    Which one of these brave warriors will save the kingdom? You get to decide...but choose wisely.

  • Ninja Painter
    Ninja Painter
    Played 1102 times

    Trade in your nunchucks for a roller and a bucket of paint...

  • Fighter Patrol 42
    Fighter Patrol 42
    Played 3290 times

    Flex your fighter-pilot might and unleash your fury in flight.

  • Moon and Sun
    Moon and Sun
    Played 1162 times

    The moon and sun are on a tight schedule, so help them make their appearances on time!

  • The Square 2
    The Square 2
    Played 748 times

    Get the ball rolling in this puzzle-filled gauntlet!

  • Bubble Chicky
    Bubble Chicky
    Played 3955 times

    This hen is determined to rescue her chicks but all of these veggies are in her way. Help her smash them to bits with everything from tomatoes to fireworks in this wild puzzle game.

  • Devilish Valentine
    Devilish Valentine
    Played 2010 times

    Love is sweet, sweet poison...

  • Thrill Rush
    Thrill Rush
    Played 5132 times

    Hold on tight—it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • Happy Summer Slide
    Happy Summer Slide
    Played 1347 times

    You can enjoy some totally fresh summer excitement any time of the year with this action game. Collect valuable stars while you blast down this epic slide so you can buy upgrades between levels. Will you reach the pool and earn a high score along the way?

  • Do Not Crash
    Do Not Crash
    Played 2920 times

    How many laps can you complete without slamming into the other drivers on this race track?

  • Johnny Upgrade
    Johnny Upgrade
    Played 6833 times

    This modern superhero fights crime...but only if you pay.

  • Accurate Slapshot
    Accurate Slapshot
    Played 1627 times

    Think outside the box? This game thinks outside the rink!

  • Car Chaos
    Car Chaos
    Played 1138 times

    Can you keep your cool in times of chaos—or will your nerves result in a crippling car crash?

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grandprix: Cake
    Rachel's Kitchen Grandprix: Cake
    Played 8293 times

    If you can’t stand the heat…

  • The Lost World
    The Lost World
    Played 4507 times

    Travel through the Lost World to discover a new reason for collecting currency!

  • Railway Madness
    Railway Madness
    Played 675 times

    Jump aboard and ride the rails...

  • Zball 5
    Zball 5
    Played 1437 times

    This red ball is trying to get through a very dangerous kingdom. Can you prevent it from tumbling off the cliffs? See how far you can make it while you collect gems, food and other valuable items in this intense online game.

  • Drake and the Wizards
    Drake and the Wizards
    Played 687 times

    Only a dragon can take that despicable wizard down!

  • Risotto: Sara's Cooking Class
    Risotto: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1126 times

    Creamy risotto is the best! With Sara's instructions, you'll make a surefire hit.

  • Dream Tower
    Dream Tower
    Played 492 times

    Bounce and bound your way to the top of a mystical dream tower!

  • Headless Zombie 2
    Headless Zombie 2
    Played 9637 times

    Carl’s still a zombie but he knows a certain scientist who might be able to turn him back into a human.

  • 300 Miles to Pigsland
    300 Miles to Pigsland
    Played 1070 times

    Only 300 tricky, tough, and toilsome miles to pig paradise. No big deal!

  • LAX Shuttle Bus
    LAX Shuttle Bus
    Played 2326 times

    The pressure's on: the people of Los Angeles aren't so angelic when they miss a flight...

  • Tractor Derby
    Tractor Derby
    Played 909 times

    With bumpy terrain, this track calls for racing the stocky, sturdy mother of all vehicles...the tractor!

    • Cindy the Hairstylist
      Cindy the Hairstylist
      Played 1104 times

      With this coiffure queen on the scene, even a mullet looks keen!

    • CEO Spinner
      CEO Spinner
      Played 1574 times

      Blah, blah, blah… A solid spin will shut up this stuffy CEO.

    • Alchemist Master
      Alchemist Master
      Played 2389 times

      This young alchemist is eager to learn everything there is to know about the elements. Help him combine earth, wind, fire and more to create powerful combos in this magical online game.

    • Bus Man Parking 3D
      Bus Man Parking 3D
      Played 125526 times

      Have you got the skills to beat these tough driving challenges?

    • Hungry Shapes 2
      Hungry Shapes 2
      Played 663 times

      Cure the hunger pangs of these hungry shapes with a chow-down session!

    • Gemollection
      Played 1195 times

      Get rich + brain exercise = double win!

    • Cake Pops: Sara's Cooking Class
      Cake Pops: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 976 times

      Pop into Sara’s kitchen and learn how to make these yummy summer treats.

    • Go Home Ball 2
      Go Home Ball 2
      Played 813 times

      Show off your sick physics skills and bounce these balls home!

    • American Truck: Ice Age
      American Truck: Ice Age
      Played 1369 times

      Think you've got what it takes to be an ice road trucker?

    • Coffee Bar
      Coffee Bar
      Played 3849 times

      I'd like a half-caf, triple-shot, non-fat latte with a cherry on top. Stat!

    • Basketball Down
      Basketball Down
      Played 3372 times

      This endless court is filled with NBA superstars that are determined to block your shots and dunks. Rush past them while you aim for each one of the hoops in this retro basketball game. How long can you last out there while you fight to unlock jerseys from some of your favorite teams?

    • Rich Cars 3
      Rich Cars 3
      Played 2660 times

      Even crooks like the best set of vintage wheels possible.