Castle Games

  • Castle Solitaire
    Castle Solitaire
    Played 9294 times

    The castle's covered! Dig through the deck and clear things up!

  • Fat Warrior
    Fat Warrior
    Played 219 times

    Conquering a monster-ridden castle sure does work up an appetite!

  • Palladium Castle
    Palladium Castle
    Played 374 times

    Walls can only keep out so many mythical monsters—for the rest, you're gonna need some firepower of your own!

  • Castle TD
    Castle TD
    Played 1646 times

    There are vermin in the castle! But they're not getting out...

  • Transylvanian Princess Dress Up
    Transylvanian Princess Dress Up
    Played 274 times

    After midnight, this princess and her castle become more boooo-tiful than ever!

  • Ice Castle Blaster
    Ice Castle Blaster
    Played 337 times

    When you build your castle out of ice, you're just asking for a crushing.

  • Castle Quest
    Castle Quest
    Played 187 times

    The princess awaits, but evil will wait for no one.

  • Crush the Castle
    Crush the Castle
    Played 6178 times

    Your king demands the upstart castles of the would-be usurpers be CRUSHED. (Literally.)

  • Tri Tower Solitaire
    Tri Tower Solitaire
    Played 43508 times

    A chain of cards will lead you to the hidden castle…

  • Castle Run
    Castle Run
    Played 563 times

    Navigate your chosen creature through the labyrinthine castle without running into the creepy baddies!

  • Mystic Hunter
    Mystic Hunter
    Played 228 times

    You are in a mysterious castle. Can you find its hidden treasures?

  • Strategy Defence 3
    Strategy Defence 3
    Played 1518 times

    Train your soldiers, build towers, use special weapons, and destroy your enemy's castle.

  • Flash Empires
    Flash Empires
    Played 2641 times

    Protect your castle from the invading forces.

  • Princess Castle Makeover
    Princess Castle Makeover
    Played 2253 times

    Find a place for everything inside this princess's castle.

  • Castle Cat 2
    Castle Cat 2
    Played 361 times

    Collect coins for points and destroy cars and squids by shooting your cannon and throwing maces.

  • Castle Wars 2
    Castle Wars 2
    Played 10411 times

    Be the first to build a 100-storey castle of cards or win by destroying your opponent's castle.

  • Tower Defence
    Tower Defence
    Played 677 times

    Prevent the hordes of monsters from getting to the castle by building element towers near the path.

  • Castle Defender
    Castle Defender
    Played 2769 times

    Defend King Arthur's castle against intruders.

  • Castle Cat
    Castle Cat
    Played 739 times

    Help the castle cat jump from cloud to cloud, collect clowns, and defeat enemies.