Award Games

  • Breakout
    Played 2415 times

    It’s easy to get into prison, but tough to get out!

  • Uphill Vegas
    Uphill Vegas
    Played 765 times

    In Vegas, everything's a break out your best moves and create a stunt spectacle!

  • Potato Salad: Sara's Cooking Class
    Potato Salad: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 954 times

    Tangy, fresh, and satisfying—perfect for your next BBQ!

  • Make Up Race
    Make Up Race
    Played 1538 times

    This make-up match will make your head spin!

  • Traffic Madness Desktop
    Traffic Madness Desktop
    Played 1239 times

    As a car-traffic controller, you're the conductor of a mad traffic ballet.

  • Biscotti: Sara's Cooking Class
    Biscotti: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1424 times

    Join Sara in her kitchen as she whips up some yummy Italian biscuits.

  • Cap'n Gold Grubber's Treasure Hunt
    Cap'n Gold Grubber's Treasure Hunt
    Played 1545 times

    Ahoy, matey! Grab your shovel and start digging—there's no place for landlubbers here!

  • Skate Mania
    Skate Mania
    Played 7146 times

    Grab your skateboard and prepare yourself for some big air, dude.

  • Scones: Sara's Cooking Class
    Scones: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 965 times

    Want delish ideas for afternoon tea? How about some super scrumptious scones?

  • Drake in Winterland
    Drake in Winterland
    Played 837 times

    Stomp out the competition in this dreamy dragon adventure!

  • Robin Hood and Treasures
    Robin Hood and Treasures
    Played 2467 times

    Rob from the rich and give to the poor!

  • Cricket World Championship
    Cricket World Championship
    Played 10045 times

    Bat your way to the world champs!

  • Chicken & Pastry: Sara's Cooking Class
    Chicken & Pastry: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1059 times

    Hey, y’all! Sara’s calling you into her kitchen to tackle this classic southern recipe.

  • Urban Assassin
    Urban Assassin
    Played 1858 times

    Go ahead, make my day.

  • Eggs Benedict: Sara's Cooking Class
    Eggs Benedict: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 934 times

    Sara's serving up a sophisticated snack!

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty
    Played 1325 times

    What’s the best way to wake up a sleeping princess? With a kiss, of course!

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Wedding
    Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Wedding
    Played 5489 times

    Only the very best baking will do for the bride!

  • Mini Car Racer
    Mini Car Racer
    Played 2894 times

    Go the distance. Go for speed. Go—now!

  • Pierogi: Sara's Cooking Class
    Pierogi: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1332 times

    Sample Sara’s delish twist on a traditional Polish dish!

  • Alfa Force
    Alfa Force
    Played 746 times

    Warp to the Cyberworld and take on this evil computer virus before it’s too late!

  • Arms of Revenge
    Arms of Revenge
    Played 1119 times

    Prepare yourself for a cyber-powered beatdown...

  • Uphill Farmer
    Uphill Farmer
    Played 6324 times

    Cash in your crops and live out your crazy daredevil dreams!

  • Super Doggy
    Super Doggy
    Played 3041 times

    Super doggy needs to use his super powers to save the puppies from the evil Lord Claw.

  • Trollface Defense
    Trollface Defense
    Played 1475 times

    Forever Alone Guy is about to have his night ruined by Trollface. Only you can stop him!

  • Atomic Puzzle 2
    Atomic Puzzle 2
    Played 615 times

    Here's another chance to become Einstein in your own living room!

  • Stickman Downhill
    Stickman Downhill
    Played 5614 times

    The world’s favorite daredevil stickman goes downhill!

  • Daily Pet City
    Daily Pet City
    Played 4876 times

    Spoil your pet with a non-stop shopping spree!

  • SpaceCraft
    Played 725 times

    Holy mother of all space ships: dive into this deep-space power struggle!

  • Sporty Girl Champions
    Sporty Girl Champions
    Played 1079 times

    All that glitters is gold...

  • Lovely Mermaid: Ocean Song
    Lovely Mermaid: Ocean Song
    Played 2084 times

    Forget the siren song, mermaids' songs are a lot more fun.

  • Monster Truck 3D
    Monster Truck 3D
    Played 3388 times

    For Sale: Monster truck, jacked up and ready to rampage!

  • Cake Pops: Sara's Cooking Class
    Cake Pops: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 2445 times

    Pop into Sara’s kitchen and learn how to make these yummy summer treats.

  • King Defender
    King Defender
    Played 633 times

    The enemy's coming, and there's nowhere for the royal family to hide!

  • Cute Photo Studio
    Cute Photo Studio
    Played 1288 times

    Capture the essence of cuteness on set with a fun photo shoot!

  • I am Voodoo
    I am Voodoo
    Played 574 times

    Armed only with pins, sewing is the last thing on this little voodoo doll's mind...

  • Zombo Buster Rising
    Zombo Buster Rising
    Played 1034 times

    These zombie slayers are back in business and business is a-boomin’. Grab a gun and get blastin’.

    • Teddy Textile
      Teddy Textile
      Played 819 times

      Stitch together a virtual stuffed friend from scratch with love!

    • Chocolate Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Chocolate Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 3109 times

      Everybody loves chocolate cake, and Sara does too!

    • Vampire Physics
      Vampire Physics
      Played 823 times

      Seduce the world with science—one bite at a time...

    • Gravitee Wars
      Gravitee Wars
      Played 721 times

      Use the laws of gravity to gain the advantage in this outerspace battle to the finish!

    • Dwarf Coins
      Dwarf Coins
      Played 835 times

      This poor little guy has lost all of his precious loot. Won’t you help him get it back?

    • Meerkat Mission
      Meerkat Mission
      Played 757 times

      This mob of meerkats has a mind for mayhem!

    • D.I.E.T.
      Played 1707 times

      Freddy hadn’t seen his feet in years, 'til he started running…

    • Stickman: The Last Stand
      Stickman: The Last Stand
      Played 531 times

      Stickmen attack from land, sea, and air—show no mercy!

    • Choco Mousse Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Choco Mousse Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 804 times

      Indulge yourself with each decadent bite...

    • Miami Outlaws
      Miami Outlaws
      Played 2656 times

      Somebody should teach these bad boys a lesson…

    • Bear Grills
      Bear Grills
      Played 2750 times

      This big ol’ bear loves to BBQ but a vegan has stolen his grill! Now it’s time to get grizzly!

    • Snoring 2: Winter Edition
      Snoring 2: Winter Edition
      Played 766 times

      Who can sleep with that elephant snoring?! Somebody make it stop!