Award Games

  • Rush Rush Pizza
    Rush Rush Pizza
    Played 619 times

    Everybody wants a piece of you (well, of your pizza). So, hop on your scooter and get delivering!

  • Parking Trainee
    Parking Trainee
    Played 1023 times

    Even F1 drivers have to start somewhere...

  • Grand Prix Go
    Grand Prix Go
    Played 829 times

    Got the guts to race your way to grand prix glory?

  • Cake Balls: Sara's Cooking Class
    Cake Balls: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1594 times

    Cupcakes, meet your match—cake balls are our new favorite bite-sized snack!

  • ATV Destroyer
    ATV Destroyer
    Played 22541 times

    Crank up the crazy with this all-terrain adventure!

  • Photoshoot Preparation Makeover
    Photoshoot Preparation Makeover
    Played 594 times

    Grab your make-up bag and get ready to primp and preen—not a pimple shall be seen!

  • My Romantic Wedding
    My Romantic Wedding
    Played 1596 times

    No need to get all bridezilla when you're in complete creative control!

  • Champions of Chaos
    Champions of Chaos
    Played 1582 times

    Rebels aren't always the bad guys—lead a revolt against the dark emperor!

  • Kamikaze Blocks
    Kamikaze Blocks
    Played 601 times

    Feed the monsters! Hint: they love a tasty block or two. Mmm.

  • Pigstacks
    Played 795 times

    Plant these pink piggies' hooves back on solid ground!

  • Level Editor 2
    Level Editor 2
    Played 2037 times

    This little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight.

  • American Tow Truck
    American Tow Truck
    Played 2744 times

    Someone’s gotta keep the streets clean…

  • Trick Shot
    Trick Shot
    Played 5633 times

    Use every trick in the book to bounce this ball into the cup!

  • Ninja Painter 1
    Ninja Painter 1
    Played 2754 times

    This ninja loves adventure and excitement but he doesn’t go anywhere without his paintbrush. Join him while he, literally, paints the town red in this action game. He’ll need your help while he collects stars and other valuable items.

  • Victorian Girl Perfect Dress Up
    Victorian Girl Perfect Dress Up
    Played 1059 times

    Hem and haw over these Victorian hemlines...

  • Storm Ops: Desert Storm
    Storm Ops: Desert Storm
    Played 1714 times

    The enemy's coming over the sand dunes—but you're ready for them!

  • Jungle Wars
    Jungle Wars
    Played 570 times

    Limber up your throwing arm and wipe the smile off a pesky pirate.

  • Go Home Ball 2
    Go Home Ball 2
    Played 1011 times

    Show off your sick physics skills and bounce these balls home!

  • Cute Farm Hospital
    Cute Farm Hospital
    Played 5747 times

    Help! These farmyard cuties need your veterinary skills to get back on their paws.

  • Dirty Drag
    Dirty Drag
    Played 684 times

    It's not important that your car makes it to the finish in one piece—just that it makes it first.

  • Trifle: Sara's Cooking Class
    Trifle: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 3609 times

    Sara's whipping up a tasty trifle! Mmm...

  • 300 Miles to Pigsland
    300 Miles to Pigsland
    Played 1111 times

    Only 300 tricky, tough, and toilsome miles to pig paradise. No big deal!

  • Decorate Your Lunch Box
    Decorate Your Lunch Box
    Played 828 times

    Style never looked so delicious!

  • Diesel And Death
    Diesel And Death
    Played 15899 times

    Race your bike across the junkyard, pass the flag first or destroy your opponent to win!

  • Coffee Bar
    Coffee Bar
    Played 3998 times

    I'd like a half-caf, triple-shot, non-fat latte with a cherry on top. Stat!

  • Epic Defender
    Epic Defender
    Played 1572 times

    Eradicate the enemy to become king of the hill!

  • Desktop Racing 2
    Desktop Racing 2
    Played 3324 times

    Take a break from all your worries and go racing...across a desk!

  • Ticket
    Played 678 times

    Join Bob and Jerry as they head off to cash in the lottery ticket that will change their lives forever.

  • Shopaholic: Milan
    Shopaholic: Milan
    Played 1928 times

    Milan is the fashion capital of the world—and the stylish site for your next shopping spree!

  • Elements Makeover: Fire Princess
    Elements Makeover: Fire Princess
    Played 718 times

    Dealing with dragons all day is tiring. Refuel this princess’ fire with some makeover magic!

  • Stickman Downhill
    Stickman Downhill
    Played 3896 times

    The world’s favorite daredevil stickman goes downhill!

  • Tea Ice Cream: Sara's Cooking Class
    Tea Ice Cream: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 2317 times

    How does Sara like her tea? Nice 'n' frosty. Try her recipe for green tea ice cream and you'll understand!

  • Classroom Joker
    Classroom Joker
    Played 2650 times

    Trouble is his middle name.

  • Trollface Launch 2: Toilet Powered
    Trollface Launch 2: Toilet Powered
    Played 6144 times

    Everybody’s favorite troll just got his hands on a very powerful potty. How far will he go? That’s up to you.

  • Empanadas: Sara’s Cooking Class
    Empanadas: Sara’s Cooking Class
    Played 1090 times

    It’s time to get cooking with some tummy-tastic spicy empanadas! Viva Sara!

  • Baby Bathing: Time to Sleep
    Baby Bathing: Time to Sleep
    Played 1228 times

    Rub-a dub-dub get that baby in the tub!

    • Pineapple Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Pineapple Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 918 times

      Sara's whipped up a sure-fire winner for dessert: pineapple upside-down cake!

    • Bois D'Arc
      Bois D'Arc
      Played 988 times

      The enchanted kingdom of Sedonia is in danger. Take this mystical bow and defend it at all costs.

    • Meerkat Mission
      Meerkat Mission
      Played 551 times

      This mob of meerkats has a mind for mayhem!

    • Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
      Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
      Played 5750 times

      You’re the foreman of New Jersey’s busiest port. Prove you’ve got what it takes to keep things running.

    • Beauty Potion
      Beauty Potion
      Played 1572 times

      Fire burn, cauldron bubble—turn hag to princess on the double!

    • Stick War
      Stick War
      Played 1362 times

      Stickmen go splat!

    • Stix Street Basketball
      Stix Street Basketball
      Played 2321 times

      Don't be fooled by his scrawny physique: on the basketball court, Stickman reigns supreme.

    • Ninja Miner
      Ninja Miner
      Played 2772 times

      Leap from wall to wall and floor to ceiling as your ninja skills are put to the test in an increasingly complex underground labyrinth of sweet, sweet jewels (and stars). Welcome to a whole new type of ninja game.

    • Papa's Taco Mia
      Papa's Taco Mia
      Played 13331 times

      Take a bite of this tasty, tempting, Mexican treat!

    • Lentil Soup: Sara's Cooking Class
      Lentil Soup: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 1005 times

      Hungry? A heaping helping of Sara's lentil soup will fill you right up!

    • Peanut Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
      Peanut Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 683 times

      Go nuts for these classic American treats!

    • Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
      Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
      Played 2648 times

      Everyone needs their spa time...especially Nerdy Girl.