Award Games

  • Mini Car Racer
    Mini Car Racer
    Played 2379 times

    Go the distance. Go for speed. Go—now!

  • Long Way: Cowboy Game
    Long Way: Cowboy Game
    Played 2190 times

    Blast those bull-snatching bandits!

  • Make Me a Model
    Make Me a Model
    Played 5841 times

    Play this make-up game and get the secret to model skin!

  • Railway Madness: Train Game
    Railway Madness: Train Game
    Played 1363 times

    Jump aboard and ride the rails...

  • Into Space!
    Into Space!
    Played 1724 times

    Make mad money for this mad rocket scientist!

  • Level Editor 2: Stickman Game
    Level Editor 2: Stickman Game
    Played 1657 times

    This little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight.

  • Speed Shot
    Speed Shot
    Played 7651 times

    Avoid obstacles, collect blue bonuses, and be the first to reach the finish line.

  • Devilish Cat
    Devilish Cat
    Played 2221 times

    This insatiable feline will eat you out of house and home...

  • Devilish Valentine
    Devilish Valentine
    Played 2673 times

    Love is sweet, sweet poison...

  • Pony Adventure: Horse Riding Game
    Pony Adventure: Horse Riding Game
    Played 1821 times

    Giddy up, girl! Lasso up that house!

  • Operate Now: Arm Surgery 2
    Operate Now: Arm Surgery 2
    Played 11773 times

    Race against time to save a life in this virtual ER!

  • Hungry Shapes 2
    Hungry Shapes 2
    Played 821 times

    Cure the hunger pangs of these hungry shapes with a chow-down session!

  • Operate Now: Eye Surgery
    Operate Now: Eye Surgery
    Played 21504 times

    Scrub up, step into the OR, and prepare for a life-changing operation.

  • Crazy Craft
    Crazy Craft
    Played 9955 times

    Harness the physics of engineering to conquer course after treacherous course.

  • Sofia's Schoolgirl Makeover
    Sofia's Schoolgirl Makeover
    Played 2343 times

    The first day of school is only a few days away and Sofia has no clue what to wear...

  • Rockstar Dreamer
    Rockstar Dreamer
    Played 1897 times

    Grab your guitar and get ready to rock!

  • Jellydad Hero
    Jellydad Hero
    Played 5816 times

    Some space pirates are trying to ruin their vacation but these jellies aren’t gonna let that happen.

  • Prom Preparation Makeover
    Prom Preparation Makeover
    Played 4110 times

    Your friend’s a diamond in the rough. Help her shine on the most important night of the year!

  • One and One Story
    One and One Story
    Played 3905 times

    Help the two lovers become one in this magical game.

  • Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
    Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
    Played 2209 times

    Everyone needs their spa time...especially Nerdy Girl.

  • Table Rugby
    Table Rugby
    Played 1361 times

    Come to the team's rescue and score the winning goal of the day!

  • Breakout
    Played 3969 times

    It’s easy to get into prison, but tough to get out!

  • Cactus McCoy 2
    Cactus McCoy 2
    Played 14421 times

    This cunning cactus is in a prickly situation...

  • Transmorpher 2: Alien Assault
    Transmorpher 2: Alien Assault
    Played 1295 times

    This cute alien has been captured by a group of not-so-cute mad scientists. Help him escape their lab.

  • American Tow Truck
    American Tow Truck
    Played 3315 times

    Someone’s gotta keep the streets clean…

  • Drake and the Wizards: Dragon Game
    Drake and the Wizards: Dragon Game
    Played 1257 times

    Only a dragon can take that despicable wizard down!

  • Trifle: Sara's Cooking Class
    Trifle: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 5419 times

    Sara's whipping up a tasty trifle! Mmm...

  • Princess Kitten
    Princess Kitten
    Played 1069 times

    This cute kitty wants a real royal makeover…and it has to be purrfect.

  • Zodiac Makeover: Gemini
    Zodiac Makeover: Gemini
    Played 932 times

    Geminis are outgoing and like to look their best. Help this one pick out a new outfit.

  • Pasta Carbonara: Sara's Cooking Class
    Pasta Carbonara: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1055 times

    Twirl some creamy pasta carbonara on your fork, and you just might discover your new favorite food...

  • Lasagna: Sara's Cooking Class
    Lasagna: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 3000 times

    What’s that delightful smell coming from the kitchen? It’s lasagna, Sara’s latest and greatest dish.

  • Red Carpet Perfect Dress Up
    Red Carpet Perfect Dress Up
    Played 1890 times

    This Hollywood honey needs your help!

  • Christmas Dinner: Sara's Cooking Class
    Christmas Dinner: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 7205 times

    Sara's serving up a helping of Christmas cheer this festive season...

  • Conveyor
    Played 1072 times

    The next shipment date is coming up soon, and all these boxes still need to be packed!

  • Total Takedown: Race Car Game
    Total Takedown: Race Car Game
    Played 4300 times

    Road rage (noun): Aggressive behavior behind the wheel, provoked by another driver's irritating actions.

  • Destroy All Cars
    Destroy All Cars
    Played 4227 times

    Unleash the physics of arena destruction.

  • Moto X Madness 2
    Moto X Madness 2
    Played 1915 times

    Own the racetrack with your sickest stunts and an insane need for speed!

  • Spooky Snacks: Sara's Cooking Class
    Spooky Snacks: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1940 times

    Sara's ready to freak you out with these gory goodies!

  • Cinema Rush: Serving Food Game
    Cinema Rush: Serving Food Game
    Played 8968 times

    Don’t panic! Keep calm...and shovel popcorn.

  • Stacker War
    Stacker War
    Played 1120 times

    The orcs think they can conquer your kingdom in no time flat. You’re not going to let that happen, are you?

  • Beauty Resort 3
    Beauty Resort 3
    Played 3646 times

    Exotic India is the setting for Heather's next palace of pampering!

  • Bomb It 2
    Bomb It 2
    Played 90690 times

    Destroy your opponents in new ways and new worlds in this sequel to the popular Bomb It!