Award Games

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Seafood
    Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Seafood
    Played 1642 times

    Rachel’s done it again, this time with seafood!

  • Movie Star Dress Up
    Movie Star Dress Up
    Played 1858 times

    Create the picture-perfect look for this leading lady's stylish acceptance speech!

  • Monster Truck Destroyer
    Monster Truck Destroyer
    Played 4097 times

    Don’t drive around your opponents. Drive over them.

  • Thrill Rush 2
    Thrill Rush 2
    Played 9831 times

    Jump back in the cart for the ride of your life! Do you have the skills to survive this runaway rollercoaster?

  • Flick Color
    Flick Color
    Played 4145 times

    It's a technicolor battle for the board!

  • Purrfect Kitten
    Purrfect Kitten
    Played 1286 times

    Play cat and mouse with this perfect kitty's feline fashion!

  • Snail Bob 2
    Snail Bob 2
    Played 47655 times

    Snail Bob's back—and it's grandpa's birthday party or bust!

  • Chili Con Carne: Sara's Cooking Class
    Chili Con Carne: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 2065 times

    Sara’s feeling spicy today, so she’s cooking up some tasty Tex-Mex.

  • Into Space!
    Into Space!
    Played 1649 times

    Make mad money for this mad rocket scientist!

  • Blockmover
    Played 6402 times

    Making blocks disappear doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting—just a click of the mouse!

  • Operate Now: Nose Surgery
    Operate Now: Nose Surgery
    Played 12778 times

    Doctor, this patient needs a vital operation, stat! Get to the OR on the double.

  • Brownies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Brownies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 5660 times

    It's brownies! 2, 4, 6, 8, dig in—don't wait!

  • Goth Girl Makeover
    Goth Girl Makeover
    Played 2203 times

    Go haute goth with this mysterious maiden...

  • Elements & Magic
    Elements & Magic
    Played 3185 times

    Ready or not, here they come...

  • Chicken Soup: Sara's Cooking Class
    Chicken Soup: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1074 times

    Warm up on a cold winter’s day with a satisfying soup that’s good for your soul.

  • Bomb It 5
    Bomb It 5
    Played 32700 times

    Is your robot the ultimate bomber gladiator? Step into the Bomb It arena and find out...

  • Crash The Robot!: Explosive Edition
    Crash The Robot!: Explosive Edition
    Played 1113 times

    Bye bye, bot.

  • Hot Pursuit City
    Hot Pursuit City
    Played 2483 times

    Being a cop isn't easy—but you do get to drive fast and shoot stuff. #WINNING!

  • Railway Madness
    Railway Madness
    Played 1132 times

    Jump aboard and ride the rails...

  • Shopaholic: New York
    Shopaholic: New York
    Played 5659 times

    Nobody knows the streets of New York like a shopaholic!

  • Skate Mania
    Skate Mania
    Played 5472 times

    Grab your skateboard and prepare yourself for some big air, dude.

  • Pinata Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Pinata Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 2402 times

    Sara goes south of the border to create a delish cookies recipe.

  • Trifle: Sara's Cooking Class
    Trifle: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 8534 times

    Sara's whipping up a tasty trifle! Mmm...

  • Papa's Burgeria
    Papa's Burgeria
    Played 17245 times

    Make every customer a burger-addicted regular!

  • Beauty Potion
    Beauty Potion
    Played 2267 times

    Fire burn, cauldron bubble—turn hag to princess on the double!

  • Skateboard City 2
    Skateboard City 2
    Played 5975 times

    Urban skateboarding is probably the best extreme sport ever created. Grab your board and join the crew!

  • Raccoon Crash
    Raccoon Crash
    Played 1480 times

    Are these critters rabid? Judging by the way they drive their bumper cars, you'd think so!

  • Prom Preparation Makeover
    Prom Preparation Makeover
    Played 2817 times

    Your friend’s a diamond in the rough. Help her shine on the most important night of the year!

  • Jumping Bananas
    Jumping Bananas
    Played 3628 times

    Help the monkey collect every banana in the level.

  • Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Played 2923 times

    Browse these bodacious beach-side boutiques! You'll be sayin' "Aloha" in no time!

  • Make Me a Bride
    Make Me a Bride
    Played 2892 times

    Every girl deserves to be a beautiful blushing bride.

  • Age Of Defense 3
    Age Of Defense 3
    Played 8505 times

    Bolster your base and rip your rivals to pieces!

  • Beauty Resort 3
    Beauty Resort 3
    Played 4021 times

    Exotic India is the setting for Heather's next palace of pampering!

  • School Buddies
    School Buddies
    Played 1390 times

    Dress up this group of highschool jokesters. Who's the jock? Who's the nerd? You decide!

  • London Bus 2
    London Bus 2
    Played 6640 times

    Dart and dash through the streets of Britain's capital in your very own double-decker bus!

  • Geeky to Emo Makeover
    Geeky to Emo Makeover
    Played 4592 times

    It’s only a short step from awkward geek to elegant emo!