Aim & Shoot Games

  • Bow Man: Stickman Archer Game
    Bow Man: Stickman Archer Game
    Played 7519 times

    May your arrow fly straight and true—and pierce the heart of that other dude!

  • Dead Eye
    Dead Eye
    Played 15866 times

    Master this game and you'll be able to shoot the wings off a fly!

  • Shoot'M
    Played 22685 times

    Can you shoot the clever, jumping and dodging stickman? Earn money for a cold blood upgrade of your weapons arsenal. Aim and fire with 30 different weapons to choose from. Explosive fun!

  • Strike Force Heroes 3
    Strike Force Heroes 3
    Played 14946 times
  • Gibbets: Santa’s in Trouble - Christmas Game
    Gibbets: Santa’s in Trouble - Christmas Game
    Played 14255 times

    Santa and all of his magical friends have been sent to the gallows. Only your archery skills can save them!

  • Toilet Success 2: Pee For Peace
    Toilet Success 2: Pee For Peace
    Played 1902 times

    There’s a peaceful way to stop this never-ending war and it’s in your hands. Fire when ready!

  • Gibbets 3
    Gibbets 3
    Played 5416 times

    Saving outlaws, one arrow at the time!

  • The Gun Game: Redux
    The Gun Game: Redux
    Played 3515 times

    Put your reflexes, aim, and speed to the test and hit the moving targets in this fast-paced shooting game!

  • Strike Force Heroes
    Strike Force Heroes
    Played 7067 times

    The secret lab is under attack! Can one lone scientist fight back to save the day?

  • Causality Saving Private Stickman
    Causality Saving Private Stickman
    Played 2755 times

    Get ready for an epic battle on this rather sticky beach.

  • Crush The Castle 2: Medieval Game
    Crush The Castle 2: Medieval Game
    Played 2486 times

    Play the game that will have you try out different weapons of ranged battle in order to crush your enemy in the exciting browser game, Crush the Castle 2!

  • Strike Force Heroes 2
    Strike Force Heroes 2
    Played 16687 times

    Be the first line of defense, and the last thing the bad guys will ever see.

  • Skeet Shooter
    Skeet Shooter
    Played 4196 times

    Be the sharpest shooter in the West in this skeet shoot-out.

  • Carrot Fantasy Extreme
    Carrot Fantasy Extreme
    Played 1705 times
  • Army Recoup Island: Survival Game
    Army Recoup Island: Survival Game
    Played 6443 times

    After an attack while on training, you’re stuck in the middle of enemy territory and have to do what you can to survive! Ready your gun in Army Recoup Island!

  • Crossbow 3D
    Crossbow 3D
    Played 4700 times

    Think you're a good shot? Train your crosshairs and fire at will.

  • My Friend Pedro
    My Friend Pedro
    Played 1843 times

    A talking banana would like you to go on a roaring rampage of revenge. Don’t worry, you can trust him.

  • Shooting Engine
    Shooting Engine
    Played 3760 times

    Take aim and fire away in this awesome shooter game, Shooting Engine! Make sure you aim carefully or your target will get away from you!

  • The Binding of Isaac
    The Binding of Isaac
    Played 11431 times

    Isaac is having a very bad day. His mom has gone crazy. Oh, and there’s a dungeon under his bed too.

  • Urban Unrest
    Urban Unrest
    Played 1059 times

    See that crazy hammer contraption? Use it to take down these riotous robots as fast you can.

  • Plazma Burst: Blood Game
    Plazma Burst: Blood Game
    Played 19223 times

    The future depends on you changing the past….

  • Raft Wars
    Raft Wars
    Played 23544 times

    Defeat your opponents with the least amount of shots.

  • Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dreams
    Car Eats Car 3: Twisted Dreams
    Played 7630 times

    An evil clown mobile just stole his girlfriend’s pink car. Now it’s time for him to get it back.

  • Heroica: The Adventures Lego Game
    Heroica: The Adventures Lego Game
    Played 2985 times

    Fight monsters, defeat the evil goblin king, and free the forgotten Lego world of Heroica...

  • Awesome Tanks
    Awesome Tanks
    Played 1363 times

    These war machines are totally awesome and they’re ready to roll.

  • Hanger: Rope Swing Game
    Hanger: Rope Swing Game
    Played 25382 times

    This guy’s life is hanging by a thread. Literally! Can you keep him safe while he swings over these rooftops just like Spider-Man? He’ll really need your help in order to avoid hurting himself in this crazy action game.

  • Clear Vision 5
    Clear Vision 5
    Played 7098 times

    The final Clear vision is here! Take your riffle, adjust the scope, aim at the target and take them down!

  • Ricochet Kills 4: Blood Game
    Ricochet Kills 4: Blood Game
    Played 5939 times

    You’ll need to use the awesome power of physics in order to defeat this latest batch of criminals. Use your shooting skills to take them out, one by one, in this online game.

  • Sieger 2
    Sieger 2
    Played 803 times

    Fire your cannons at the enemy in this thrilling shooter game, Sieger 2!

  • Hitman For Hire: Stickman Sniper Shooting Game
    Hitman For Hire: Stickman Sniper Shooting Game
    Played 10622 times

    Wanted: one assassin. Duties include: using cool guns, taking down targets, and not getting caught.

  • Bird's Town
    Bird's Town
    Played 2476 times

    How fast can you be? Make groups of 3 birds of the same color before they get caught up!

  • Starblast Io
    Starblast Io
    Played 7203 times

    A thrilling battle awaits you in this asteroid field. Take control of an interstellar fighter and get ready to challenge players from all around the world and possibly beyond! How long will you survive against their blasters and other weapons in this epic io game?

  • Skullhunter: Player Pack
    Skullhunter: Player Pack
    Played 2503 times

    These smug-looking bags of bones have it coming.

  • Mad Burger
    Mad Burger
    Played 3891 times

    The campers are hungry, and this little chef has a new meaning for fast food!

  • Bowman 2
    Bowman 2
    Played 39352 times

    Find out who is the best archer in the entire world in this intense archer game, Bowman 2! Fight against either the computer or your friend!

  • Absorbed 2
    Absorbed 2
    Played 1244 times

    Return to this retro action series for another round of crazy adventures. This resourceful hero is back in action and ready to use everything from boxes to zombies to complete his mission.