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Team up with a super cool snake in It’s an updated version of the very popular online game

You’ll get to challenge other players from all around the world after you take control of a truly rad reptile. It’s got an endless appetite, and these glowing pellets are its favorite meal. Each one will help it become bigger and stronger. Just watch out for those other snakes. If you hit one, yours will explode! is one of the most played games on If you’re looking for similar games, try, or another awesome title in our collection of io games and snake games

How to Play 

First things first! Give your snake a cool nickname. You can also change the color of their scales by pressing the “Change Skin” button in the bottom left-hand corner. When that’s all done, click the “Play” button. 

Game Controls


  • USE the mouse cursor to control the direction of your snake.
  • LEFT CLICK on the mouse to move at full speed. 


  • UP ARROW to go full speed. 
  • LEFT ARROW to turn left.
  • RIGHT ARROW to turn right.

Who Developed

The Michigan-based game creator Steve Howse designed In March of 2016, his company Lowtech Studios released the game for both smartphones and browsers. 

Can I Play on Mobile? game is also available on the Apple App Store or you can get it on Google Play.