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Scrape the Ice, Slide on Air

Hockey has somewhat mysterious and dispersive origins, not to mention a formidable reputation for rough play, blood-splattered action and lost teeth in the rink. And while the sport’s historical unfoldings may have question marks, one thing is for certain: the sport has morphed into a worldwide passion that is here to stay.

Depicted in carvings from over 4,000 years ago uncovered in the Egyptian pyramids, lithe, muscle-tensed opponents face off with what appear to be sticks and balls. In England of old, King Edward III forbade something that could be considered its predecessor in the 1300s. And while the origin of the name hockey is still elusive, the sport has been found across the globe in its many forms and manifestations for centuries.

Ice hockey is the game of choice many Canadians and other long-winter-country dwellers. But it doesn't take an icy lake to play it. It has spread even to the ice-sparse State of Texas. Online, hockey games for kids can be played no matter what the weather! 

Hockey's turf version is just as fast and furious, but a ball replaces the puck. That said, it is no less spine-jarring than its frozen-rink cousin. Though you need a backbone and whip-fast reflexes to play, hockey games online have the advantage of keeping the bones from cracking.

Skidding across jets of air as in Air Hockey 1, 2 and 3 is yet another way of driving the disk towards the goal. In its table-top version, and for the younger puck drivers, Little Duck Air Hockey keeps the action going with feathery flurries.

Some like it hot, on the ground and thundering. Many like it cold, with shards of ice-splintering, sharpened skate blades like in Hockey Fury. Whatever the chosen battle ground, get ready for a fierce pairing of dashing moves and stealthy entertainment.

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