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Super Snappy Tower

Super Snappy Tower is a tricky stacking game in which you have to pile up the Tetromino blocks on the table without toppling your tower.

How to play Super Snappy Tower?

One by one, you can drop the Tetris-like blocks onto the wooden table. Try to stack them up to create a tall tower. The highest point will be measured and noted as your record. However, if the blocks tumble over, you’ll lose the game.

Take turns stacking the blocks with your opponent and see who can build the highest tower.

How to Win Super Snappy Tower: Tips

Try to keep the tower level and place blocks horizontally across the top to spread the weight and create stability. Single pillars become wobbly and topple more easily when you try to place other blocks on top.

Don’t forget that you can also rotate the blocks by tapping the arrow icon.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to drag the blocks below the line and release to drop them

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Who created Super Snappy Tower?

Super Snappy Tower was created by Gamebop.

When was Super Snappy Tower first released?

This game was released on October 17, 2023.