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Super Noob: Captured Miner

Can you escape from prison in Super Noob: Captured Miner? Team up with a group of truly creepy convicts in this totally crazy online game.

This miner and his friends all got tossed into a maximum security prison. Oh, and one more thing: they’re zombies and so are the guards! Tag along with this undead crew while they try to reach freedom in this weird and wacky action game. They’ll need to dig a tunnel underneath the prison yard and reach the escape vehicle waiting for them outside.

How to Play Super Noob: Captured Miner?

Super Noob: Captured Miner is a funny zombie game. Team up with an imprisoned and quite monstrous miner and his freaky friends while they try to escape from prison in each challenging level. They’ll need to avoid the guards and dig a tunnel as they repeatedly make a break for it.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide the miner as he digs each tunnel.

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Who Developed Super Noob: Captured Miner?

Super Noob: Captured Miner was created by Kiz10.