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Rescue Hero

The famous mobile app Rescue Hero is now also available as a browser game! In this pin puzzle game you can help the hero collect the treasures and rescue the princess. You do this by pulling the pins out of the puzzle in the right order. 

How to play Rescue Hero?

Look carefully at each puzzle. You’ll see your hero, and often some gold coins and diamonds, a princess, and various monsters or dangerous items like lava or burning coals.

These will all be partitioned off in areas separated by pins. You can pull these pins to slide them out of the puzzle. But be careful! You’ll want to keep the gold from falling into the lava, and you don’t want to keep the lava from falling on top of your hero. 

Work out which pins to pull out to create a safe path for your hero, and neutralize the dangers. For instance, by using water to turn the lava into rock. You’ll also want to leave some pins in place to keep other threats locked away!

Game Controls

Use the mouse to pull out the pins.

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Who created Rescue Hero?

Rescue Hero was created by Games JSC.

When was Rescue Hero first released?

This game was first released as an iOS and Android app in 2021. This HTML5 browser version was released on February 28, 2024.