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Pull'em All

Pull'em All is a hypercasual arcade game with 3D graphics. Pull the items up by tugging as hard as you can in this comical game, but make sure you don’t injure your back!

How to play Pull'em All?

In this 3D game, you have to pull up all kinds of items. Prise the world’s longest carrots and other root vegetables out of the ground, pull the sword excalibur out of the stone, or yank out disgustingly long nose hairs from the faces of sleeping giants. 

Whether you have to wrest a heavy barbell off the mat or haul giant fish out of the water, in each of the funny scenarios in this game you’ll have to give your targets a mighty heave. Just make sure your character doesn’t sprain his back. The longer you pull, the redder your stickman will become. If he gets bright red, he’ll get a back injury and collapse.

To prevent your stickman from becoming incapacitated, you’ll have to allow him to rest briefly between pulls. Don’t rest too long, however, or the items you’re trying to pull up will start to sink back down.

Between levels you can use the coins you’ve earned to upgrade your character’s strength and endurance.

Game Controls

  • TAP or CLICK to pull
  • RELEASE to rest

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Who created Pull'em All?

Pull'em All was created by 2Play.