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Fruit Lines Saga

Head down to the farm in Fruit Lines Saga. A fun-filled puzzle adventure is about to get underway in this matching game.

This farmer is in quite the pickle! All of the crops in his field are all mixed up! Even worse, they keep popping up in all the wrong places. You’ll need to put them into groups of five or more to remove them and clear space for additional fruits and vegetables. How long can you keep playing this challenging puzzle game before you run out of room in the field?

How to Play Fruit Lines Saga?

Clear space for tons of crops in the field in this unique farming game. You’ll need to move them around, but watch out! Every time you relocate a plant, more will magically appear! You’ll need to group them into lines of five or more to make them disappear, thus creating room for additional crops.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select a crop and LEFT CLICK AGAIN on a different spot in the field to move it there.

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Who Developed Fruit Lines Saga?

Fruit Lines Saga was created by