Shooting Games

  • Army Recoup Island
    Army Recoup Island
    Played 8314 times

    After an attack while on training, you’re stuck in the middle of enemy territory and have to do what you can to survive! Ready your gun in Army Recoup Island!

  • Apple Shooter
    Apple Shooter
    Played 82475 times

    Shooting an apple off someone's head is very dangerous. Don’t try it at home. Try it in this game instead!

  • Raft Wars 2
    Raft Wars 2
    Played 3514 times

    Simon and his brother thought their troubles were over…but they’ve only just begun!

  • L.A. Rex
    L.A. Rex
    Played 7886 times

    It’s your first trip to LA, so be a total tourist: hit the beach, see the sites...and eat tasty humans!

  • Gun Blood
    Gun Blood
    Played 7755 times

    How quick can you be to fire off your gun and kill the other person? Find out in this bloody and fun western shooter, Gun Blood! Get your guns ready!

  • Strike Force Heroes
    Strike Force Heroes
    Played 8004 times

    The secret lab is under attack! Can one lone scientist fight back to save the day?

  • Shoot'M
    Played 11390 times

    Can you shoot the clever, jumping and dodging stickman? Earn money for a cold blood upgrade of your weapons arsenal. Aim and fire with 30 different weapons to choose from. Explosive fun!

  • New York Rex
    New York Rex
    Played 6996 times

    Uh-oh! Rex has escaped again! Now he’s gonna take a bite out of the Big Apple!

  • Army Force Strike
    Army Force Strike
    Played 8453 times

    Prepare yourself to embark into the best first person multiplayer experience you can imagine! Play Army Force Strike and get ready to shoot, kill and disable enemies of all calibers on this multiplayer first person arena shooting game. Play more online games like this for free on

  • Army Force Online
    Army Force Online
    Played 22658 times

    Grab your stuff, soldier, and get ready for an epic battle in this multiplayer shooter.

  • Raze 3
    Raze 3
    Played 7131 times

    Lock and load! Arm youself with weapons—it’s time to take on aliens, robots and more!

  • LEGO® Star Wars™ Yoda Chronicles Game
    LEGO® Star Wars™ Yoda Chronicles Game
    Played 18953 times

    The ultimate battle between good and evil continues! Which side will you choose?

  • Subway Clash 3D
    Subway Clash 3D
    Played 12374 times

    Bullets are fired in every direction in this crazy and fun shooter game! Get equipped and take down your enemies with your team!

  • Bloons
    Played 5568 times

    Try to pop as many balloons as possible using the darts you are given on each level.

  • Plazma Burst
    Plazma Burst
    Played 18629 times

    The future depends on you changing the past….

  • LoneWolf
    Played 17284 times

    Think you've got what it takes to become an elite sniper? This non-stop action shooter has intense gameplay that will really put your skills to the test!

  • Strike Force Heroes 3
    Strike Force Heroes 3
    Played 12071 times
  • The Gun Game: Redux
    The Gun Game: Redux
    Played 1663 times

    Put your reflexes, aim, and speed to the test and hit the moving targets in this fast-paced shooting game!

  • Sniper Team
    Sniper Team
    Played 30566 times

    When the going gets tough, there is only one team to join: the Sniper Team.

  • Ace Gangster
    Ace Gangster
    Played 21272 times

    This bloke is new in MadAlley City. Perhaps you could show him around and help him become a gangster?

  • Spiderman - The battle within
    Spiderman - The battle within
    Played 4087 times
  • The Sweet Menace
    The Sweet Menace
    Played 521 times
  • Titanic Heartbreak
    Titanic Heartbreak
    Played 8333 times

    Looks like Robin is in love but everyone else wants to avoid this love sickness at all costs. Play as some of your favorite Teen Titans in this fun arcade game, Titanic Heartbreak.

  • Spider-Man: Dark Side
    Spider-Man: Dark Side
    Played 7903 times

    Everybody’s favorite webslinger is having some trouble fighting all of the bad guys in New York City lately. A mysterious alien just arrived from outer space that may be able to help him out though. Could you join Spidey while he attempts to master the strange powers given to him by the alien in this exciting action game?

  • Strike Force Heroes 2
    Strike Force Heroes 2
    Played 20560 times

    Be the first line of defense, and the last thing the bad guys will ever see.

  • Rural Rampage
    Rural Rampage
    Played 4581 times

    Does your big-city cop have what it takes to make it in…the English countryside?

  • Causality Saving Private Stickman
    Causality Saving Private Stickman
    Played 3035 times

    Get ready for an epic battle on this rather sticky beach.

  • Carrot Fantasy Extreme
    Carrot Fantasy Extreme
    Played 1011 times
  • Storm Ops 3
    Storm Ops 3
    Played 3859 times

    Hold your position, keep your nerve, and defend the castle at all costs.

  • Simpsons 3D Springfield
    Simpsons 3D Springfield
    Played 4594 times

    These bullies just stole all of Homer’s doughnuts! Now it’s time for Bart to get some revenge.

  • The Binding of Isaac
    The Binding of Isaac
    Played 4092 times

    Isaac is having a very bad day. His mom has gone crazy. Oh, and there’s a dungeon under his bed too.

  • Intruder: Combat Training 2
    Intruder: Combat Training 2
    Played 2461 times

    Become the ultimate special forces operative in this fast-paced 2D shooter. Brutal firefights, missions and rag doll physics await.

  • Clear Vision 5
    Clear Vision 5
    Played 7418 times

    The final Clear vision is here! Take your riffle, adjust the scope, aim at the target and take them down!

  • Aliens
    Played 3871 times

    This space invader is super hungry. Help him find lots of tasty human brains to gobble up.

  • Hitman For Hire
    Hitman For Hire
    Played 9286 times

    Wanted: one assassin. Duties include: using cool guns, taking down targets, and not getting caught.

  • Even More Bloons
    Even More Bloons
    Played 886 times

    Pop as many bloons as you can with the darts over 50 amazing levels!

    • Shift Heads World: Act 2
      Shift Heads World: Act 2
      Played 4365 times

      The awesome assassin crew is at it again when the adventure in killing continues...

    • Ace Gangster Taxi
      Ace Gangster Taxi
      Played 13206 times
    • Gibbets: Santa’s in Trouble
      Gibbets: Santa’s in Trouble
      Played 6710 times

      Santa and all of his magical friends have been sent to the gallows. Only your archery skills can save them!

    • Battlefield shooter 2
      Battlefield shooter 2
      Played 13848 times

      In this new version of Battlefield Shooter you have to steal yourself against the enemy that attacks your base territory! Take up arms, aim and shoot to kill in an attempt to complete your mission. It's all on you now. Are you brave enough to be the next combat hero?

    • Toilet Success 2: Pee For Peace
      Toilet Success 2: Pee For Peace
      Played 1683 times

      There’s a peaceful way to stop this never-ending war and it’s in your hands. Fire when ready!

    • Dead Eye
      Dead Eye
      Played 4416 times

      Master this game and you'll be able to shoot the wings off a fly!

    • Gibbets 3
      Gibbets 3
      Played 4464 times

      Saving outlaws, one arrow at the time!

    • Armor Mayhem
      Armor Mayhem
      Played 8865 times

      The prize: infinite energy. The battle will be fierce...

    • Saloon Brawl 2
      Saloon Brawl 2
      Played 3485 times

      In the good old west, cowboys often brawled in the dusty roads until only one man was left standing. Relive the experience in Saloon Brawl 2!

    • Urban Unrest
      Urban Unrest
      Played 1246 times

      See that crazy hammer contraption? Use it to take down these riotous robots as fast you can.

    • Clear Vision 4
      Clear Vision 4
      Played 10138 times

      Jake just woke up in a hospital room. How quickly can he return to action?

    • Counter Striker
      Counter Striker
      Played 1293 times

      Shoot as many terrorists as you can