Highscore Games

  • Silly Ways to Die: Adventures 2
    Silly Ways to Die: Adventures 2
    Played 14275 times

    These crazy creatures can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Could you keep an eye on them and help them avoid getting hurt in this weird and wacky adventure game?

  • Crossy Sky
    Crossy Sky
    Played 8343 times

    This ninja is leaping across the sky on a crazy mission to collect as many strawberries as he can. Join him while he fights to avoid dangerous clouds and calamity in this action game.

  • Medieval Merchant
    Medieval Merchant
    Played 6178 times

    You better have a quick eye if you want to keep up with this fantasy auction. From goblins to dwarfs, all the fantasy folk are gathered to buy the finest potions in the land, but it's up to you to make sure that every round goes to the highest bidder, before time's up.

  • Rocket Skateboard
    Rocket Skateboard
    Played 606 times

    Think of all the sick stunts you can pull on a rocket skateboard, bro!

  • Quad Cops
    Quad Cops
    Played 671 times

    This Wild West town is overrun with bandits. Help this brave sheriff clean up the place with his arsenal of bombs and chili peppers in this rootin’ tootin’ skill game.

  • Cute Owl
    Cute Owl
    Played 918 times

    Wake the cute owl up, and get ready to make some noise!

  • Dwarf Runner
    Dwarf Runner
    Played 1189 times

    This magical dwarf is on a mad dash for lots of precious jewels. How long can you keep him on his feet in this free online game?

  • Hexa Fever
    Hexa Fever
    Played 880 times

    Arrange the figures to fill horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with the aim to score as many points as possible in this fun puzzle game!

  • Papa Birne
    Papa Birne
    Played 1289 times

    Ready—aim—fire! Get your shoot on in this berry-tastic game!

  • Moon and Sun
    Moon and Sun
    Played 905 times

    The moon and sun are on a tight schedule, so help them make their appearances on time!

  • Parking Training 2
    Parking Training 2
    Played 823 times

    Practice makes perfect—especially for parallel parking!

  • Cars vs. Zombies
    Cars vs. Zombies
    Played 2216 times

    Vent your zombie-apocalypse frustrations on the walking dead, because...well...they're already dead.

  • Sparkanoid
    Played 1122 times

    These interstellar blocks could use some smashin’. How quickly can you turn them into space dust?

  • Time Machine: Stone Age Cooking
    Time Machine: Stone Age Cooking
    Played 861 times

    Serve up some Stone-Age cuisine--while surviving the locals!

  • Mushberry Treehouse
    Mushberry Treehouse
    Played 957 times

    Keep the juice flowing at your friendly forest tree bar!

  • Toys vs. Nightmares
    Toys vs. Nightmares
    Played 912 times

    Afraid of the dark? You should be...

  • North Pole Slide
    North Pole Slide
    Played 1079 times

    Score points with your (gift-giving) Christmas spirit!

  • Smashed Zombies
    Smashed Zombies
    Played 2025 times

    Forget about hitting gophers on the head, it's time to wreck some zombies! Get ready to destroy these undead brats in Smashed Zombie, but be careful not to hit the humans!

  • Samurai Fruit
    Samurai Fruit
    Played 1640 times

    Sink your katana into the juiciest of adversaries: fresh fruit.

  • Catchy Bouncy
    Catchy Bouncy
    Played 3542 times

    Join Lucas the magician and all of his friends in this fabulous casino game. Can you master each one of their challenges? They like to mix together classic games like slots and pachinko.

  • Funny Monsters
    Funny Monsters
    Played 1479 times

    These cool creatures love to hang out with one another. Match them up into groups of three or more in this fearsome, and totally fun, puzzle game.

  • Carnival Showdown
    Carnival Showdown
    Played 662 times

    Think yer a sharp-shooter? Then saddle up, cowboy, it's time for a show!

  • Monster Masher
    Monster Masher
    Played 1415 times

    Mash and munch on the most magnificent monsters! Catch the monsters in this mouth but watch out for those sharp teeth on the edges if you don't want to be chewed up too! How high can you score in this mouth-watering game?

  • Down the Hill
    Down the Hill
    Played 20063 times

    Dodge dangerous traps and collect coins and hearts in order to survive this challenging arcade platform game, Down the Hill.

  • Crazy Rabbit
    Crazy Rabbit
    Played 1275 times

    Lock the rabbit hasn't lost his marbles; he's lost his carrots.

  • Xmas Shopping
    Xmas Shopping
    Played 671 times

    Elf up and help Santa with his Xmas shopping!

  • Pet Salon of Fun
    Pet Salon of Fun
    Played 686 times

    Give these cuddly critters the hair-raising looks of their dreams.

  • Power Mahjong: The Tower
    Power Mahjong: The Tower
    Played 704 times

    See how far you can get before the time runs out in this super challenging tower version of Mahjong!

  • Drift Racing Tournament
    Drift Racing Tournament
    Played 910 times

    School those other drivers on how the big boys drive.

  • Deep Trip
    Deep Trip
    Played 646 times

    Have a jolly good time with these jiggly jellies!

  • Apple Orchard
    Apple Orchard
    Played 789 times

    Enjoy nature's finest: apples in a basket!

  • Dashing Dave
    Dashing Dave
    Played 871 times

    Can a motorcycle daredevil dodge death in the temple of doom?

  • My Forest Adventures
    My Forest Adventures
    Played 693 times

    The forest is full of friendly furry friends to make, so go exploring!

  • Alien Attack
    Alien Attack
    Played 353 times

    What do you do when the lights go out on a hijacked ship...?

  • Avalanche Stunts
    Avalanche Stunts
    Played 310 times

    Nothing gets the adrenaline running like snowboarding…in front of an avalanche!

  • Big Evil Robots
    Big Evil Robots
    Played 398 times

    It's a 21st-century David and Goliath—are you bad enough to beat the bots?

    • Biomass
      Played 462 times

      Infectiously fun...

    • Caveman Climb
      Caveman Climb
      Played 176 times

      This Neanderthal’s going clubbing. Dino clubbing.

    • Cage Breaker
      Cage Breaker
      Played 37 times

      Bust these precious pets from their pesky prisons!

    • Car Ferry
      Car Ferry
      Played 500 times

      Better brush up on your bridge-building skills or this car's gonna be sleeping with the fishes...

    • Castle Guardian
      Castle Guardian
      Played 131 times

      Keep an airtight defense against the enemy's minions...

    • Burrito Bison Revenge
      Burrito Bison Revenge
      Played 139 times

      Let the gummy bears jiggle with fear...Burrito Bison's back for more brutal candy-bashing!

    • Cannoneer
      Played 100 times

      Avast ye landlubber! Our cannoneer be takin' ye down!

    • Cloud Wars Sunny Day Extreme
      Cloud Wars Sunny Day Extreme
      Played 462 times

      The sky’s the limit in this crazy game. Can you win all of these clouds over to your side?

    • Cloudy with Occasional Presents
      Cloudy with Occasional Presents
      Played 19 times

      Row, row, row your block of ice to the mother lode of present pile-ups!

    • Crazy Santa Racer
      Crazy Santa Racer
      Played 146 times

      Even Santa has to deal with holiday traffic!

    • Daily Battle: The Mystery of Ixtab
      Daily Battle: The Mystery of Ixtab
      Played 14 times

      Each day a new mission awaits, bringing you one step closer to her secrets, and a way off this acursed planet.

    • Dam It
      Dam It
      Played 199 times

      This beaver's eager to rebuild his decimated dwelling!