Highscore Games

  • Tetroid
    Played 7481 times

    Tetroid is a more challenging and fun brain teaser for all ages. In this puzzle game you drag and drop the elements on the 10 x 10 board and fill the horizontal or vertical row to clear your board. The game ends when you cannot fit an element onto your board anymore

  • Touchdown Blast
    Touchdown Blast
    Played 17090 times
  • FlakBoy Escape
    FlakBoy Escape
    Played 1603 times

    FlakBoy’s trapped in a dangerous factory. Can you help him survive a challenge worthy of Crossy Road?

  • P.A.C.O.
    Played 607 times

    P.A.C.O. is the super addictive jumping game where you have to climb the ladders to escape from the police! Wondering what P.A.C.O. stands for? It stands for Prisoner Action Climbing Obstacles and you’re going to need to jump from ladder to ladder in order to escape the prison guard! It sounds easy but not when you’re a one-armed prisoner! You’re going to need to use all of your skill to climb fast and avoid the police who are hot on your heels.

  • Desert Roll
    Desert Roll
    Played 83 times

    This cool duck is really on a roll! Help him collect coins and stay on his ball in this addicting mobile game.

  • Hero Rush
    Hero Rush
    Played 1478 times

    Becoming a Stickman Rush hero in this town is going to require some awesome driving skills. Have you got what it takes?

  • Cookie Connect
    Cookie Connect
    Played 9218 times

    Connect cookies to serve your customers and make them happy. Can you fulfil the hungry bear’s cookie cravings? Dozens of puzzling levels in this fun and playful matching game.

  • Splish Drago Pong
    Splish Drago Pong
    Played 177 times

    Splish Drago Pong game is about surviving between two barriers and dodge the enemies, by controlling Drago and other creatures swimming between the two barriers

  • Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Played 181220 times
  • Make it Rain
    Make it Rain
    Played 9188 times
  • Bubble Academy
    Bubble Academy
    Played 20773 times

    Shoot colorful bubbles with magical experiments. Follow classes at the Academy to learn all about magical bubble shooting and become top of your class!

  • Last Deliver
    Last Deliver
    Played 401 times

    Must Deliver is an endless zombie-avoider with a twist! The only way that this guy is going to escape from these monsters is with your help. Oh, and baseball bat too!

  • 10x10
    Played 29988 times
  • Sir Jump
    Sir Jump
    Played 9084 times

    This fancy guy sure loves to bounce. All the way over the top of mountains, if you can believe it...

  • Jigsaw City Trip
    Jigsaw City Trip
    Played 1340 times

    Take a virtual trip around the world while you piece together these gorgeous puzzles.

  • Sir Coins-a-Lot
    Sir Coins-a-Lot
    Played 759 times

    Collect all of the coins in each level without being eaten by the monsters. It’s not as easy as you think!

  • Super Mahjong 3D
    Super Mahjong 3D
    Played 1081 times

    Each stack gets trickier and more tactical in this extra-dimensional take on mahjong!

  • Follow a Line
    Follow a Line
    Played 16288 times

    Can you lead this dot along the winding path? It’s a challenge that’s tougher than it looks...

  • Scrappy Dog
    Scrappy Dog
    Played 509 times

    Dr. Atom is at it again. This time he invented a flying machine, and he's taking Quark out for a test flight. Show your skills by helping Quark to dodge the scrap piles, cranes and wrecking balls.

  • Andy's Golf
    Andy's Golf
    Played 6133 times

    Think you’ve got what it takes to get a hole in one? It’s not as easy as it looks. Complete the course!

  • Candy Pool
    Candy Pool
    Played 3108 times

    Shoot candy of the same color into each other and collect stars along the way. You’ll need a good aim!

  • Tip Tap
    Tip Tap
    Played 2608 times

    Click or tap the screen to turn your vehicle. See how far you can get without it falling off of the track!

  • Fluffy Cuddlies
    Fluffy Cuddlies
    Played 1983 times

    It’s really getting crowded at the animal shelter. Can you match up all of these pets?

  • Power Mahjong: The Tower
    Power Mahjong: The Tower
    Played 433 times

    See how far you can get before the time runs out in this super challenging tower version of Mahjong!

  • Bubble Charms
    Bubble Charms
    Played 13292 times

    How high will you make it in this bubbly puzzle game?

  • Duck Pond Mahjong
    Duck Pond Mahjong
    Played 1006 times

    Try out this fast-paced version of the classic board game. It’s just ducky.

  • Sparkanoid
    Played 1554 times

    These interstellar blocks could use some smashin’. How quickly can you turn them into space dust?

  • Bear Grills
    Bear Grills
    Played 2511 times

    This big ol’ bear loves to BBQ but a vegan has stolen his grill! Now it’s time to get grizzly!

  • Trollface Launch 2: Toilet Powered
    Trollface Launch 2: Toilet Powered
    Played 4557 times

    Everybody’s favorite troll just got his hands on a very powerful potty. How far will he go? That’s up to you.

  • Zombo Buster Rising
    Zombo Buster Rising
    Played 1544 times

    These zombie slayers are back in business and business is a-boomin’. Grab a gun and get blastin’.

  • Cute Puzzle Witch
    Cute Puzzle Witch
    Played 1989 times

    Can you keep up with all of these magical tiles? Make them vanish as quickly as you can!

  • Pixel Toilet
    Pixel Toilet
    Played 1433 times

    This poor guy just ate the wrong mushroom. Now he’s about to have a very explosive adventure.

  • Trollface Defense
    Trollface Defense
    Played 1467 times

    Forever Alone Guy is about to have his night ruined by Trollface. Only you can stop him!

  • Loo Hero
    Loo Hero
    Played 645 times

    He’s a protector of all the kingdom’s potties but can he defend them from these very stinky monsters?

  • Alfa Force
    Alfa Force
    Played 1604 times

    Warp to the Cyberworld and take on this evil computer virus before it’s too late!

  • Tower: Siege
    Tower: Siege
    Played 364 times

    The only way to topple these towers is by removing all of their colorful bricks....

    • Jewel Academy
      Jewel Academy
      Played 170030 times

      Enjoy match-3 gameplay at its finest! Match the gems, activate special power-ups and solve puzzles in this great new match-3 game! Jewel Academy is a gem-filled, action packed game with a ton of levels to complete.

    • Summon the Hero
      Summon the Hero
      Played 1219 times

      Which one of these brave warriors will save the kingdom? You get to decide...but choose wisely.

    • Headless Zombie 2
      Headless Zombie 2
      Played 9574 times

      Carl’s still a zombie but he knows a certain scientist who might be able to turn him back into a human.

    • Monster Snake
      Monster Snake
      Played 798 times

      This rad reptile is incredibly hungry. Can you help him eat all of these delicious desserts?

    • Sushi Slicer
      Sushi Slicer
      Played 1021 times

      Slice and dice your way through this intense sushi challenge. Just watch out for the bombs!

    • BlockBuster
      Played 3468 times

      You’ll need some quick reflexes to smash this massive wave of blocks.

    • Candy Rain 2
      Candy Rain 2
      Played 9014 times

      Hands up who love pick 'n' mix?! Now get those hands down and put your thumbs to work…

    • Jellydad Hero
      Jellydad Hero
      Played 5892 times

      Some space pirates are trying to ruin their vacation but these jellies aren’t gonna let that happen.

    • Timbermen
      Played 2895 times

      This lumberjack is feeling awfully choppy. How much of this tree can you and him take down?

    • Back to Candyland: Episode 1
      Back to Candyland: Episode 1
      Played 11775 times

      Mmm…winning has never been so sweet!

    • Hair Mania 2
      Hair Mania 2
      Played 834 times

      The bigger the hair, the badder the stylist!

    • Papa Birne
      Papa Birne
      Played 2125 times

      Ready—aim—fire! Get your shoot on in this berry-tastic game!