Digging Games

  • Amazing Adventures: Mustached Driller
    Amazing Adventures: Mustached Driller
    Played 932 times

    Drilling, drilling, and more drilling. It’s just another day at the office for this ‘stached workingman.

  • Drillionaire
    Played 1502 times
  • Riggs Digger
    Riggs Digger
    Played 2250 times

    Why build when you can break? Time to manipulate the physics of destruction!

  • Digging Diamonds
    Digging Diamonds
    Played 8645 times

    Dig through the dirt for a diamond in the rough.

  • Bury My Bones
    Bury My Bones
    Played 4621 times

    This cheerful undertaker found an interesting way to make his job more challenging…

  • Dig to China
    Dig to China
    Played 1216 times

    This miner has always wanted to visit the Far East but he’d rather dig his way there instead of flying.

  • Pour the Fish
    Pour the Fish
    Played 604 times

    Sure, you’ve poured a glass of milk...but have you ever poured a fish?

  • Cap'n Gold Grubber's Treasure Hunt
    Cap'n Gold Grubber's Treasure Hunt
    Played 543 times

    Ahoy, matey! Grab your shovel and start digging—there's no place for landlubbers here!

  • Gopher
    Played 123 times

    Help Gopher collect all the diamonds and get to the portal to complete the level!