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Millions of players are exploring the vast universe of Roblox. Are you ready to join them? Let your imagination run wild in this massive multiplayer online game. You can ride roller coasters, participate in epic battles, design entire worlds, or just dance with your friends. The possibilities are endless!

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Join a global community of gamers who are already designing and diving into Roblox’s millions of different worlds. There’s tons of adventures waiting for you, but you can always just hang out and chat with your friends, too. Talk up a storm with the integrated voice chat or party chat systems!

Roblox also has full cross-platform support. That means you can play on your computer, Xbox One, VR headset, or your favorite mobile device.

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Roblox Games

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own video game or just make a totally awesome avatar, you can in Roblox. Design RPG-style kingdoms, ski routes on snow-covered mountains, or an entire virtual world before you jump into all the action with your own customized character!

You can also try out other players’ games. Will you be able to handle all the exciting thrills they’ve come up with for you and millions of other gamers from all around the planet?

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Roblox Studio

Roblox’s immersive creation engine makes working on games fun and easy. If you can imagine it, you can design it!

Map out a battle arena for a first-person shooter game or a deadly dungeon filled with pits of lava for an adventure game. Do you love extreme sports? You can create airplanes for virtual skydivers or challenging routes for players who can’t get enough of off-road racing games. If you’d rather get down than blast up a hill, you can make your own nightclub and show off your best moves on a glowing dance floor!

You can even profit from your games. Creators like you actually make money with Roblox. In-game purchases and some truly awesome designs could lead to big bucks! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work as a game designer, Roblox will help you learn all about this exciting career.