Ben je ouder of jonger dan 18?

Wij begrijpen dat het belangrijk is dat minderjarigen op een veilige manier gebruik maken van het internet. We beschouwen het ook als onze verantwoordelijkheid om de website kindvriendelijk te maken en inhoud te tonen die bij jouw leeftijdsgroep past. Als je aangeeft dat je nog geen 18 jaar of ouder bent, zal je daarom automatisch geen advertenties te zien krijgen die bedoeld zijn voor een oudere doelgroep.

Jonger dan 18
18 jaar of ouder



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Guitar Games

Music to Your Ears

Tune in to these virtual guitar games and get your rock star on. These games will prove as addictive as the funkiest earworm in your head and have you playing them over and over. You won't be able to get enough of these great jams.

Guitar games like Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 get players to ditch the air guitar in favor of rocking it out on the computer keyboard. Do you have what it takes to make some midnight music? In SC Guitar Maniac DX, you can pick a song, hang your keyboard around your neck, and riff away all night long. Not ready for rock-star status yet? Why not try your hand at designing a guitar? In Pimp Your Guitar, players design their ideal instruments and have a virtual rock-out session.

If strumming and thrumming aren't your jam, maybe you would be interested in tickling the ivories for a while. In Guitar Crazy, live the dream of becoming a guitar god...from safely behind your keyboard. You'll have to play to understand! But, if your dream has always been to shred those strings in a stirring solo, then Battle of Rock Gods is for you. Press the correct keys to create one of 14 great rock guitar solos. Not that you need to stick to rock – you can break into the classical or Flamenco or any other scene with a guitar in your hand!

Whichever game you pick, remember your chords and you will be headlining sold-out stadium shows in no time. All it takes is a little practice – so grab your virtual guitar, stretch those fingers, and start playing now.