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Dunk Shot

How many baskets will you make in Dunk Shot? See how far you can get in this very fun and incredibly challenging basketball game.

There's a series of baskets that you'll need to get your ball into in this physics-based sports game. Carefully plan each shot before you toss the ball into the air. If you miss even a single basket, you'll have to start over.

There's also plenty of additional challenges you can try out as well. The intensity will get kicked up a few more notches once you enter the limited time or bounce modes. You can also earn stars. Trade those in for other basketballs or themed backgrounds that feature clouds, notebooks, and more.

How to Play Dunk Shot?

You'll have to be super careful while you play this skill game. If you miss even a single shot, it will be game over! See how many times you can get your ball into the baskets.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim and shoot.

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Who Developed Dunk Shot?

Dunk Shot was created by Ketchapp.